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The shipping industry is always guaranteed to be kept on its toes when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday logistics. With online sales volumes poised to increase yet again this holiday season, supply chains everywhere are making preparations to deal with the challenging influx of customers and business. But just how are companies impacted in the way they set up their shipping departments during the busiest weekend in e-commerce? Here’s what you should know about Black Friday logistics to keep you and your shipping team on track.

Supply and Demand

It’s almost impossible for businesses to guarantee accurate inventory levels when it comes to freight shipping for Black Friday. The goal is to always have enough inventory supply to meet demand, without needing to drastically reduce price to liquidate the surplus of goods after promotions are over and demand spikes plateau or drop off.

Referring to historical sales data and factoring in trends helps supply chains better prepare for what to expect during the busiest shopping weekend in e-commerce. It also helps in managing internal supply chain needs like packaging materials and offer insight on how the packaging process could be streamlined altogether.

And with resources getting thrown into other things like marketing and promotions, a supply chain can only thrive within budget when there’s an accurate sales forecast.

The Return Policy

You might think Cyber Monday logistics stretches to the extent of one lone day of the year, but that’s actually not true. Freight and parcel cargo shipped from Cyber Monday specials and deals can be seen shipped again towards the end of January when there’s a high volume of returns or exchanges. Because this time of year can be slow, many companies cope with the increase in shipping by outsourcing these reverse logistics services to third-party shipping solutions providers (3PLs).

Partnering with a 3PL gives supply chains of all sizes the upper hand in competing with e-commerce giants like Amazon. Small businesses and mom-and-pop stores who operate as online retailers get the benefits of a large-scale shipping department with a 3PL who can centralize and optimize searches for the right carriers, lanes and rates. It saves them precious time and money in the post-holiday economic hangover and helps them focus on getting back on track for the new year.

FreightCenter Knows Black Friday Logistics

Black Friday logistics can be a huge challenge for supply chains everywhere. FreightCenter makes freight shipping for Black Friday easier and cheaper not just for you, but for the customers your business prides itself on. We’ll help you adjust to changing market conditions to optimize your freight strategy. Utilize the shipping expertise, world class service and the latest technology to handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday logistics like a pro.

Get a free quote today or call 844-212-7447 to learn more about holiday freight shipping.

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