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Because freight shipping can get a bit complex, understanding the basics of the process helps you ship smarter and with less headaches. There are many moving parts to freight shipping. For example, there is the “standard” that happens with all freight, then there are add on special services as well as the option to purchase additional insurance coverage and more. When carrier’s pickup or deliver your freight, the standard operating procedure is curbside pickup and delivery. But what is curbside pickup and delivery? And what are some best practices to follow to make sure you’re preparing your freight the right way? We’re here to answer all these questions.

Curbside Pickup and Delivery: Standard Operating Procedure

Curbside pickup and delivery are pretty much what you’d expect; the truck driver picks up and/or drops off a shipment at roadside or at the end of a driveway. Think of this as the basic, standard operating procedure when delivering freight unless you “add on” additional services which we cover below. Drivers usually use a pallet jack or forklift to do the heavy lifting into the back of a trailer or onto the ground from the trailer. This is a standard service in the freight shipping world.

Drivers are only responsible to pickup and deliver a shipment to and from its location. Curbside pickup and delivery reflect exactly that. Also, this reduces the risks of unwanted events, like damage to a business’s doorways or walls during the movement of freight, or injury to the driver from an accident.

However, should you want the driver to pickup your shipment from inside your office or building, you would need to purchase an additional service.

Additional Services

While curbside pickup and delivery are the standard freight service offered by carriers, there are additional services available known as accessorials that can help shippers gain peace of mind with their shipments and reduce the risk of dealing with missed pickups and deliveries.

Call for Appointment Accessorial

Call for appointment is a notification service that helps you prepare in advance for the arrival of a shipment. Staying in the loop ahead of time and knowing when to expect a drivers’ arrival for a pickup or delivery helps immensely in avoiding a missed pickup or delivery and in properly preparing for a pickup or delivery. You’ll know when to expect the driver, so you can focus on other things for your business.

Inside Delivery Accessorial

Inside delivery takes pickup and delivery services a step further than curbside – it’s the “Premium” option for freight delivery. Requesting the inside delivery accessorial means a shipment is delivered up to the doorway or to the nearest entrance, rather than on the street or curb. It’s essentially like a drop-off parcel delivery but for freight.

First and Final Mile Service Accessorial

Final mile (this is the “Platinum” of freight deliver) services go even further and can cover a limited access location, unpacking the freight, carrying it inside, and properly dealing with packaging materials. First mile service is the same, but in the beginning stages of a piece of freight’s journey.

You can download our Guide to Missed Pickups and our Easy Guide to Accessorials for a more comprehensive look at some best freight shipping practices and information about additional services.

Go with the Experts

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