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For many, final mile and white glove services are must haves in their shipping process. With a changing consumer landscape, these services will play a big role in the future of shipping and will help maintain and improve relationships with customers. What are final mile and white glove services? Do you need them? If you are struggling with finding the time and resources needed to get your goods out to consumers, consider working with a partner that can help make it seamless.

The New Consumer

During the current landscape of ever-changing consumer purchasing patterns and the prediction that e-commerce worldwide sales are expected to reach $4.48 trillion by 2021, most businesses need to rethink their shipping strategies to meet consumers demand for faster better service. What shipping options are available for businesses to meet this demand in the most optimized, efficient and affordable way?

Adding final mile and white glove services will strengthen your supply chain, allowing more flexibility and resources to meet consumer demand and deliver a better customer experience. Keeping customers happy requires developing a strategy that connects you to your customers with a delivery method that meets their expectations.

What Are Final Mile Services?

Final mile services focus on the final step of the delivery process or the final transfer of products to the consumer. These services typically help get products to consumers quicker and include additional services like inside delivery, carrying upstairs and removing packaging materials. These services provide more equipment options as well, such as using smaller trucks to make deliveries in residential neighborhoods or limited access locations.

Businesses and agencies can benefit from the use of final mile services for:

  • Deliveries to construction sites.
  • Business-to-business deliveries of professional equipment.
  • Warehousing and storage solutions.

Final mile services shouldn’t be confused with white glove services. Final mile delivery may include white glove services such as professional installation and setup. When white glove services are requested, a team of professionals will install the shipped item after delivery is made. For example, when you buy a new stove or oven online or in-store, your shipment will likely include white glove delivery services.

What Are White Glove Services?

White glove services are considered the highest level of service and support in the freight shipping business. If you’re shipping something like furniture, antiques, or any other valuable items, white glove service would be your best option, and it’s worth the extra cost. You will get peace of mind that your shipment is being handled with the utmost care and attention.

This is also a great choice for shippers who want the most out of their carriers. Shipping companies typically only provide curbside pickup and delivery unless otherwise stated. Requesting white glove service on your shipment means receiving packaging and loading of your cargo and inside pickup and delivery.

Supply chains managers who want the best perks from carriers, shippers with valuable items, or individuals who just need help moving large items can all benefit the most from white glove services.

Help for the Future

Last mile in the delivering process is becoming increasingly one of the most important. As consumers want convenience and their goods faster than ever, businesses must adapt to keep customers happy. Operating under stricter constraints means managing your services and your customers’ expectations are a top priority. Make it clear what your customers should expect when it comes to your final mile service strategy, such as limited inside pickups or deliveries, longer transit times, or changed installation procedures due to COVID-19 regulations.

Partner with a Freight Provider You Can Trust

Finding the right final mile and white glove services solutions can be tricky and tedious. FreightCenter effectively uses technology to find you the right carrier who can do it all, at the best rate. When supply chain logistics and order fulfillment become more than a simple project, FreightCenter can help businesses find alternatives to handling inbound deliveries from manufacturers and outbound deliveries to distributors or end customers.

A FreightCenter agent can guide you in the best direction for all your shipments. Start by getting a free online quote or give us a call at 844-212-7447.

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