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Truckers don’t just drive trucks, they drive the economy forward. They’re a crucial part of any business’s supply chain. But besides the weight of modern commerce on their shoulders, what else impacts the health of truckers on the road? Awareness of the job’s health concerns, how to avoid them and how to balance life behind and away from the wheel is essential to morale, both for the drivers and everyone they are driving for!

The Issues

Some of the most common health concerns that truckers face is rather self-evident. A poor diet while on the road leads to obesity, which many truckers struggle with. This opens the flood gates for other issues, like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Long hours on the road alone and social isolation often results in being more prone to depression and anxiety. Lack of quality sleep on the road can cause intense fatigue and serious accidents.

Just hearing about the physical demands of the job makes your neck and back ache. Sitting, for extended periods of time, in a cramped truck cab does not sound like a routine that most personal trainers would suggest. The mental stamina of driving a large truck towing a gigantic box full of large items behind it, where the slightest mistake can have major consequences, is draining.

What Can Be Done?

Truckers can take precautions and plan ahead to avoid or at least minimize the threats these issues pose.

Food – Bringing healthy snack options for journeys not only helps physically, but mentally as well. Nuts, dry fruit, protein bars and yogurt are all great for the road. You’ll simply feel better, lighter, more energized, and it helps to avoid obesity and fatigue.

Bring a Companion – Many truckers out there bring their own little furry friends with them to keep them company! Cats and dogs are common sights in the passenger seats or dashboards of freight trucks and offer a cure for loneliness when drivers are away from home for a long time.

Stay Active – Finding time to keep the body active while on the road may seem like a stretch (pun intended), but it’s crucial to stay active. Rest stops, truck loading phases and being around friends and loved ones at home are opportunities to take time to relax, exercise and keep the body and mind strong to endure long road voyages.

Stay Social, Volunteer – When drivers are home, spending time with friends and family alleviates the isolation experienced on the road and provides strong work-life balance. Volunteering for something in the community as well leads to a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and offers more social interactions.

Thank you!

Logistics is an industry which the world and our economy relies on to keep things flowing and truckers make the industry strong. Happy, healthy drivers lead to a happy, healthy economy. Thank you to all the drivers who play such an important role in the supply chain.

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