5 Reasons Why You Should Ship with Freightcenter

Let’s be honest—there are a lot of options available when it comes to freight shipping. Some people are looking to score the lowest price for their one-time shipment. Others want the best service and might even pay extra for it. At FreightCenter, you can have both—and more. When you book your shipments with FreightCenter, you […]

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Ship from City to City Across the U.S. With FreightCenter

March 7, 2017 | By FreightCenter Team | Under | No Comments

It’s no surprise that shipping items across the country can cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you’re shipping items from your at-home business in San Francisco to your new line of business in New York City, or arranging a one-time shipment from a supplier in Cleveland to your house in Austin, we’ve got […]

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How to Fill out an LTL Quote Form

So, you’re looking to get a freight quote, huh? You’ll want to make sure you do it correctly, so you can’t just fill out any quote form.  At FreightCenter, we’ve made getting a quote easy for even the amateur shipper. Let’s start by going through the process step-by-step. Gather ALL relevant information regarding the freight and the shipment. Imagine […]

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Instant Truckload Rating Saves You Time and Money

This year has been an exciting one for FreightCenter. We changed our brand, revamped our positioning and just launched a totally redesigned, mobile-friendly website. We also introduced a brand-new service: instant truckload rating. FreightCenter is proud to be one of the first freight shipping companies to offer instant, online truckload rating. Don’t think we’re new […]

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Freight Rates Not Dropping As Expected After Panama Canal Expansion

July 13, 2016 | By FreightCenter Team | Under | No Comments

Photo courtesy of Jacksonville Port Authority Nine years and over $5 billion later, the Panama Canal expands for the first time in 102 years but what affect, if any, will it have on freight rates? Exactly 102 years after its opening – vitally connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean trade routes – the Panama Canal […]

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LTL Freight Quote Comparison Tips

Why request your LTL freight quote from FreightCenter? As a full-service logistics provider, FreightCenter makes getting an LTL freight quote fast, simple and convenient. Our freight experts eliminate the hassle of searching for a variety of LTL freight quotes from multiple carriers. They’re trained to help you find the most efficient way to transport your […]

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LTL Shipping for Businesses

Simplify LTL Shipping with FreightCenter. FreightCenter has provided customers of all sizes with logistics services driven by superior service, innovation and technology since 1998. It’s no secret that since then we’ve become leaders in LTL shipping. In fact, 94 percent of FreightCenter’s business is in LTL shipments. As of 2015 we’ve handled nearly 400,000 LTL […]

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What Really Is the Best Location to Ship Your Freight From?

When it comes to freight, no pick up or drop off location is created equal. While some locations are optimal for getting a freight truck in and out of, other’s pose more of a challenge, and some are outright impossible. Here are some of the most common locations for picking up and dropping off freight—and […]

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11 KPI’S to Measure Your Carrier Performance

When working with a 3PL, measure carrier performance in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Keep these 11 key performance indicators (KPIs) in mind to ensure this year’s logistics operations are successful. 1. Routing Guide Compliance: Routing guide compliance increases productivity by eliminating time-consuming or financially costly mistakes in the supply chain. Make sure your […]

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Freightcenter Offers Shipping Services for Online Retailers

November 23, 2010 – FreightCenter, a nationwide provider of online freight and logistics services, is reminding individuals of specific online tools available to help directly display instant freight shipping prices for those heavy, large items or gift ideas as we move closer to the holidays. While options and tools abound for shipping for smaller items, there […]

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