Cybersecurity and Freight Shipping: Keeping Your Supply Chain Secure

June 24, 2021 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under ,

It seems like we are hearing almost daily in the news about more and more mass scale cyberattacks and hacks. So far this year alone, we’ve seen disruptions in major industries such as the meat supply chain, and oil supply chains, which has had a big impact on the overall economy and the supply and demand framework. Keeping your supply chain secure when it comes to cybersecurity and freight shipping is becoming a top priority for logistics managers eve[...]

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Digital Freight Matching: What It Is and How It Works

December 30, 2020 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under

Finding freight shipping solutions in a post-COVID era will be more different and could be more challenging than ever before. The types of market conditions the industry is dealing with include capacity crunches, uncertain economic conditions, fluctuating costs, increased shipping needs and more. If only there was some way to just centralize the search for shipping solutions quickly and affordably. Well, there is. Shippers and carriers everywhere are [...]

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Artificial Intelligence in Trucking

There’s never any shortage of talk about artificial intelligence revolutionizing industries. The freight trucking business is no different. While trucking will very likely never be 100% machine-operated, combining the human touch with the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology will take logistics, supply chains and trucking to new heights and make shipping freight easier for shippers and drivers everywhere. We’re discussing artificial intelligenc[...]

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Why a TMS is Essential to Your Business

May 12, 2020 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under

Automation within the supply chain isn’t just the next cool trend or an innovative idea; it’s the future of shipping. This is especially true while we learn how to navigate this new normal to continue growing businesses and the American economy. In fact, everyone from small businesses to large scale distributors will need to adopt technology to drive growth, adapt to disruptions and optimize their supply chains. Succeeding in today’s fast-paced and ev[...]

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What Is a TMS?

May 7, 2020 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under

Controlling freight spend and streamlining the supply chain are always top priorities for businesses of all sizes. In the digital age, optimizing your shipping and supply chain and driving efficiencies can be achieved by utilizing a transportation management system or TMS. In fact, the use of a TMS helps alleviate the time-consuming strains of finding shipping options, helping you save time and money. But what is a TMS? And how can you incorporate one[...]

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2020 Freight Shipping Outlook: Advanced Technologies in Freight Shipping on the Rise

Like so many industries today, freight shipping is being transformed by advanced technologies. All these technologies share two goals: to make freight shipping more efficient and less expensive. In the world of freight-shipping technology, the concept of driverless freight-shipping trucks gets the lion’s share of the press, but it is still years away from being a major factor in freight shipping. Meanwhile, other technologies are currently in developm[...]

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3 Ways Digital Is Transforming Freight Shipping

The wave of digital innovation is changing everything from how we answer the doorbell to the way modern factories operate. The freight-shipping industry hasn’t been left out.

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Shipping Container Homes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

December 25, 2018 | By Maren Nader | Under

Step aside, cookie cutter houses. Shipping container homes are providing people with a way to live large in tiny dwellings. You can take or leave the white picket fence.

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