Black Friday / Cyber Monday Stats to Know for 2021

HISTORY OF BLACK FRIDAY The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia, in the early 1960s. Philadelphia police griped about the congested streets, clogged with motorists and pedestrians heading to the Army-Navy football game while looking for deals the day after Thanksgiving, calling it “Black Friday.” 

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Trade Show Shipping Tips

"The larger the trade show, the bigger the shit show."

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How Shippers Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

August 11, 2021 | By Cindi Demaree | Under

Things are tight in the freight market and could get even tighter with disruptions in shipping freight due to storms and possible hurricanes. As we know, when it comes to keeping your small business shipping smoothly, it’s essential to have a plan, including a disaster preparedness plan. Many things could potentially slow or even halt your normal shipping operations, so planning for disasters and other problems helps you mitigate supply chain disrupti[...]

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Fascinating Freight Facts

July 30, 2021 | By Cindi Demaree | Under

For an industry that keeps the world moving, you don’t often hear about the fascinating aspects of freight and logistics. Most people hear “freight” and think "snooze"—but not us! At FreightCenter, we see freight as fun and want you to think the same. Here are a few facts that’ll have you loving freight as much as us.

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Top Shipping Tips for First Time Shippers

Being a first-time shipper can be overwhelming. There are many moving parts to the process, and getting one thing wrong, even something minor, or forgetting one step can be very costly. Below are the top freight shipping tips for first-time shippers to help you avoid common, costly mistakes. 

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7 Reasons to Partner with a Freight Broker

June 15, 2021 | By Cindi Demaree | Under ,

Freight shipping can be complex. Partnering with a freight broker might be in your best interest – but you may be asking why? Working with a freight broker can help you have a headache-free, cost-effective shipping experience. We lay it all out with 7 reasons to partner with a freight broker.

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Types of LTL Carriers and When to Use Them

Whether you’re new to LTL freight shipping or just looking to expand your supply chain’s carrier reach, getting the right type of LTL carrier and knowing how and when to use them is important. And not all carriers are the same! We’re guiding you through the different types of LTL carriers and when to use them so you can optimize your supply chain.

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What is Freight Class?

What is freight class and what role does it play in the shipping process? Believe it or not, even the most experienced shippers often struggle with freight class, and it could end up costing you an unnecessary billing adjustment in the end. So, what is freight class? And how can you find your shipment’s correct freight class and avoid surprise invoice adjustment? Let’s dive in.

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Do Freight Shipping Prices Vary by State?

Several factors can impact the cost of freight shipping, including your shipment’s weight, dimensions and any special handling requirements, such as temperature or shape. Additionally, you may notice that the cost of your shipment changes depending on which state you are shipping to or from. Yes, that’s right, freight shipping prices do vary by state. See why and how freight shipping prices vary by state and what you need to know to help you save mone[...]

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What Are Billing Adjustments?

We often get questions about billing adjustments from shippers. It can be an unpleasant surprise to receive a billing adjustment, and there are ways to lower their occurrence. So, what are billing adjustments and what can you do to avoid them? We go into the details you need to know here.

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