How Freight Insurance Works

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Cargo Theft and Protecting Your Shipment

Did you know that each year about $30 billion worth of cargo is lost due to theft? Understanding the causes and more prominent times of cargo theft can help you protect your shipments.

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Key Difference Between Carrier Liability and Freight Insurance

Often people believe (incorrectly) that liability coverage and freight insurance are so similar that they could be twins. In reality, they’re more like family members, related but very different.

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Do You Need Insurance for Full or Partial Truckload Freight Shipping?

Unfortunately, on occasion, freight gets damaged during shipping. Knowing your coverage options is important and can help you decide what coverage your shipment needs. Whether you’re shipping less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload or partial truckload, purchasing additional freight insurance can give you added peace of mind. But, do you need insurance for full or partial truckload freight shipping?

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3 Things to Know About Freight Insurance

April 21, 2020 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under

It’s a topic that we don’t always want to talk about – freight damage. But unfortunately, freight damage sometimes happens. In addition, there is a common misconception in the freight industry, and that misconception is that your shipments are covered by the carrier through the carrier’s liability coverage. While carriers do have liability coverage, it doesn’t always cover the value of the item you are shipping. So, what do you do if your shipment is [...]

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5 Things to Know Before Buying Freight Shipping Insurance

So you’ve finally found a solid freight carrier to ship your trade show booth from New York City to arrive in time for the show in Las Vegas. But what happens if your pricey set up is damaged during shipment? Have you covered all of your bases? Here’s everything you need to know before buying freight shipping insurance.

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