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Oktoberfest is in full swing and Germany is having a ball. Oktoberfest’s origins began with the commemoration of the marriage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in 1810. The event nowadays is every beer lover’s favorite excuse to down copious amounts of ale, brew, nectar of the gods - or whatever else one might choose to call it.

Things haven’t changed much in that just like the Prince and Princess back in 1810 Bavaria needed large amounts of beer delivered to their festivities, global supply chains in the modern world must work together to keep the good times rolling.

The Logistics of Oktoberfest

In the eyes of logistics, Germany’s Oktoberfest is a tradeshow. Items are constructed for an event then taken down and stored away until they’re needed again. There are far too many components involved with the festivities to be loaded into a standard sized vehicle. For Germany’s Oktoberfest alone, it requires hundreds of individual trucks to transport all the supplies and materials to and from the event.

How can bratwursts, lederhosen, beer boots and beer itself be moved in large volumes on schedule at the best rates? This is where freight shipping comes in handy.

Shippers and supply chain managers working with a 3PL can utilize transportation technology to save time and money by quickly matching their loads with a carrier and lane that can get the job done on time at the most affordable rates. And not to mention that leveraging a 3PL’s expertise for specialty shipping such as refrigerated freight shipping services for the millions of lonely liters of beer that need to be consumed at Oktoberfest can be more cost effective.

Need help with specialty shipping?

With over 20 years of experience in shipping specialized freighttrade show freight and enterprise shipping, FreightCenter can service the logistical needs of an Oktoberfest-inspired beer festival.

Let’s make a toast. To better, faster, smarter shipping with FreightCenter. Give us a call at 844-212-7447 or get a quote at

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