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Small to medium-sized business owners like you know how the seasons affect your business and product demand. While your peak business season may differ from another retailer’s, the fact of the matter is that each season will have an impact on your business to some degree. What we mean is this—carriers stay busy because businesses have cargo to ship, which in turn, tightens capacity for your shipments even during your business’ offseason. Summer is a big shipping season for retailers and carriers alike. With summer around the corner, it’s time to get ready before the last second. Find out how you can prepare for summer shipping now with these tips.

Demand Forecasting for Summer Shipping

Simply put, demand forecasting is the analysis and prediction of product demand in the future within controllable and uncontrollable factors. Demand forecasting is important because it helps you plan ahead and keep your production schedule flowing without any major disruptions.

Additionally, it gives you the time to get supplies, materials, and resources together. Not to mention you will have a better idea of how to plan your summer shipping budget, figure out what deals or promos you want to run, develop marketing strategies, and build a strong logistics plan.

Beat the Summer Shipping Heat

If you are shipping temperature-sensitive items, then you know the summer heat can be a real challenge. In addition, the summer shipping season is a big produce, food, and beverage season. Losing cargo due to heat makes you and your customers unhappy. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use temperature-controlled shipping. Items such as food, drinks, medicines, chemicals, and more are susceptible to temperature—both cold and heat. You can choose a carrier that can ship your products under temperature-controlled shipping to keep your cargo at the optimal temperature during transit.
  • Choose expedited shipping services. While there are no guarantees in freight shipping, choosing expedited shipping services for your cargo makes your freight a priority over other shipments, even in the event of unforeseen delays. For time-sensitive cargo, expedited shipping services is the way to go.
  • Consider full truckload shipping. Shipping large quantities of temperature-sensitive cargo or have products that require specialized equipment? Going with full truckload shipping means your freight gets the use of the entire truck trailer. There aren’t additional stops along the way, and you can choose what equipment your cargo will need.
  • Package your cargo properly. Improperly packaged cargo often leads to product damage and loss, especially if you are shipping temperature-sensitive items. Make sure you package your freight with the right insulation, coolants, and external packaging materials. For a more detailed look at everything packaging, download our free Guide to Freight Packaging.
  • Work with a 3PL. Sourcing capacity, finding the best rates, identifying add on services and more takes time away from making your business a success. When you work with a 3PL, you get expert help with all of your summer shipping needs.

Prioritize Your Shipments

You know your product, your business, and your customers the best. To meet the needs of your customers during the summer, consider prioritizing your shipments. Remember, the battle for capacity in certain areas during certain times may be more intense. Every business has cargo to get out to its customers, and carriers want to fill their trucks to best optimize their own shipping strategies.

When it comes to making sure your most important shipments reach their destinations on-time and without disruptions, it’s important to determine which shipments have flexibility and which are the most time-sensitive. Then you can prioritize your shipments based on that information. This will help you stay on track during the summer shipping months, and it will ensure your customers are happy.

A 3PL Makes the Difference

Working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like FreightCenter as part of your overall logistics plan can mitigate supply chain disruptions early in the shipping process and keep your products moving even when summer shipping capacity tightens. That’s because 3PLs work with a network of fully vetted carriers to ensure your cargo gets the shipping treatment it deserves throughout the shipping process. In fact, FreightCenter has been helping business shippers, like you, for over 20 years.

When it comes to keeping your products moving this summer, don’t settle. Let the FreightCenter shipping experts help your business ship successfully all year long by getting a free online quote or giving us a call at (844) 212-7447.

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