FreightCenter Opens New Headquarters in Palm Harbor

July 26, 2013 by FreightCenter Team
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FreightCenter, one of the fastest-growing freight and logistic service companies in the nation, moved into its new Palm Harbor offices Tuesday, adding about 170 employees to Pinellas County.

The company left its 8,900-square-foot offices in Pasco County to fill about 16,000 square feet at 34125 U.S. 19 North in Palm Harbor. Because of its rapid growth, the company is already looking for more office space to add to the headquarters. “Our new Palm Harbor headquarters allows FreightCenter to continue expanding our share of the shipping and logistics market,” says CEO Matthew Brosious.

Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice and officials from the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce were on hand for the ceremonies. The new offices are ultra high-tech with a modern design to encourage a casual work environment aimed at providing employees with the best atmosphere possible.

According to AAR it’s estimate that if just 10% of the freight that moves by truck now was moved by rail instead, fuel savings would exceed 800 million gallons per year and annual greenhouse gas emissions would fall by more than 9 million tons.

“Our employees and the service they provide to our customers are critical to the success of FreightCenter,” Brosious says. “We’ve configured the new headquarters to make it a fun place to work.”

Indeed, the employees were all smiles in their new facility, demonstrating a strength of FreightCenter in its attitude toward employees that then carries over to their attitude toward customers.

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