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Small to medium-sized business owners that ship perishable food or other temperature-sensitive products have a unique challenge on their hands—making sure their cargo stays safe and at the right temperature during transit. From food to beverages to medications and more, if your business ships perishable items, then you need these simple tips for how to ship perishable food and other items!

Packaging, Packaging, Packaging

Did we mention packaging? Packaging is one of the most important steps to ensuring your perishable food and temperature-sensitive items remain safe and secure during transit. Here are some pro packaging tips to get you started:

  • Choose the right external packaging. Types of external packaging materials include Styrofoam boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, crates and pallets. Styrofoam boxes offer the most insulation for your perishable items, and thicker foam offers more protection.
  • Do you need internal packaging materials, too? Examples of internal packaging includes bubble wrap, packing peanuts and foam cushioning. Depending on what types of cargo you’re shipping, you may need internal packaging materials to help secure your cargo inside the box.
  • Keep things cool with the right coolant packaging. Since you’re shipping perishable food or temperature-sensitive cargo, you will likely need a coolant within your shipping container. Traditional ice can melt and damage your cargo and the shipping container. Other coolant options you may want to use include dry ice and gel packs.
  • Additional materials might be needed, too. Insulated liners, insulated pads and blankets can also help protect your perishable items in transit and keep them at the optimal temperature.

For additional freight packaging information, download our comprehensive Guide to Freight Packaging here to help protect your cargo and your brand’s reputation.

Freeze Protection Services

Shipping temperature-sensitive cargo and perishable food means that your products are vulnerable to changes in temperature—both heat and cold. To optimize your shipment’s protection, there are various add on services that are available and should be considered.

Freeze protection services are an accessorial or add on service you can choose/add during the freight quote process. Freeze protection services keep your cold-sensitive freight protected from freezing when your shipment passes through extremely cold regions or is shipped during winter months. Remember, even temperatures that dip below 32 degrees for a brief period of time could cause major damage or product spoilage. While the saying goes, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” you might cry over spoiled cargo!

Specialized Equipment

When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive items, you not only want to be sure you select the right services but the right equipment also. Your perishable item shipment may need specialized equipment, such as refrigerated trucks. Choosing expedited and refrigeration shipping services ensures your freight receives the specialized services it needs.

When you choose expedited shipping, your freight goes to the front of the shipping line, so to speak. That’s because expedited freight gets priority over regular freight shipments.

Additionally, choosing refrigeration services helps keep your perishable food or temperature-sensitive cargo at the ideal temperature throughout the shipping process.

Choose a Shipping Partner that Understands Perishable Freight Shipping

Work with a trusted, award-winning cold chain freight shipping partner to make sure your shipment receives the care and attention it needs to arrive safely. FreightCenter is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) who earned the Food Logistics 2020 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Provider recognition for helping shippers find the best temperature-controlled options.

Don’t let worrying about how to ship perishable items spoil your day! Ship your perishable food and temperature-sensitive cargo securely and successfully with FreightCenter! Our freight shipping experts are ready to help. Give us a call at 844-212-7447 or get started with a free online quote.

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