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Working together to help our communities is even more important than ever as we all learn to manage the unprecedented events that this year has brought. Our ‘normal’ has been turned on its head which is why it’s even more exciting to see new partnerships forming from coast to coast and coming up with creative ways to provide assistance to our communities.

Pandemic relief items and other essential items are needed throughout the country for citizens, businesses and medical facilities. Shipping and logistics industry professionals know the importance of collaboration and keeping the supply chain moving smoothly. That’s why when San Diego-based company, TPT Med Tech, reached out to FreightCenter for help shipping their state-of-the-art rapid COVID-19 testing lab across the nation, we were ready to assist.

What Exactly is TPT Shipping?

If you’ve been following along on this amazing journey, you may have seen in Part 1 of our 3-part series, TPT Med Tech is delivering a rapid COVID-19 testing lab known as the QuikLAB Testing Station across the country from San Diego, CA to Miami, FL. These testing labs are built in the US and the first QuikLab was delivered in June. TPT Med Tech’s goal is to deliver these mobile quick testing stations around the United States and the world to areas in need of increased COVID testing capacity, as well as to hospitals and businesses.

TPT Med Tech Quick Lab offers a turnkey solution, fully HIPPA compliant. Delivering convenience by providing drive up services and fully staffed by qualified registered Nurses and lab Technicians, it’s making it easier and faster for people to get tested. It’s open 24 hours a day and capable of testing thousands of people daily. Its capabilities deliver results in minutes vs. days.

TPT Med Tech is striving to revolutionize the fight against COVID-19 around the globe.

The FreightCenter and TPT Med Tech Partnership

FreightCenter is proud to assist and coordinate the transport of the QuikLAB Testing Station between San Diego and Miami. These testing stations are made up of converted shipping containers, and our expert full truckload shipping agents were able to bring TPT Med Tech the solutions they needed to bring the testing station to our home state of Florida for those in need. As a leading 3PL, FreightCenter understands how important and critical it is to work together and securely deliver products, no matter the size or scale, to their destinations.

With a strong network of carriers, FreightCenter was able to secure the best shipping options for TPT Med Tech. While TPT Med Tech and their products help protect you, the FreightCenter team is honored to help them get their products into the community safely, quickly and efficiently.

Follow Their Journey!

TPT Med Tech has been documenting the journey of their testing station as it travels from coast to coast. You can experience the journey and check out Part 2 on YouTube here.

Stay tuned for an update on Part 3!

If you are shipping pandemic relief or essential items and need shipping help, be sure to give us a call at 844-212-7447 today. Our experts can help you get your shipment completed with ease, just like we did for TPT Med Tech.

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