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Shipping destinations can be as distinct as the freight heading to them. Freight shipping to your buyer is a commercial enterprise designed to take place from loading dock to loading dock—that is, if there’s a loading dock available upon delivery. Some delivery locations have special requirements that need more than the zip code alone, and not knowing the details could affect your final accessorials will you need? These are all questions you should have answered before running a freight quote.

A Breakdown of Special Locations

Some shipping locations require specialized shipping services to complete the order. This can be anything from moving the load into a different truck, specific equipment for loading and unloading, to liftgate, and more. If it lacks the typical freight handling equipment, accessorials become necessary additions.

Freight Shipping to Limited Access Locations

What do airports, construction sites, government facilities, hospitals, and schools have in common? They’re all limited access locations! Like residential locations, limited access locations restrict trucks from entering. This can include: 

  • Secure areas, either gated or guarded - FreightCenter is equipped to handle specialized freight, like military shipments
  • Areas where there is no personnel available to help with pickup and delivery; no access to loading dock or platform - Liftgate is an accessorial, or additional service, that can be added at pickup and delivery
  • Areas that aren’t open to the public during normal business hours
  • Need smaller trucks to complete delivery

Some other limited access locations are: hotels/motels, churches, mini-storage facilities, nursing homes, farms, and prisons.

Even excess tree coverage can make a location limited access. Make sure to check with your freight agent beforehand.

Freight Shipping to Residential Locations

Residential locations (or non-commercial locations) are not usually freight truck-friendly, so deliveries to residential and at-home businesses typically cost more. The difference between a residential zone location and a commercially zoned location is that commercially zoned locations open and close to the public at a set time every day.

Residentially zoned locations can include any of the following:

  • Apartments
  • Residences
  • Farms
  • Estates
  • Remote locations
  • Home-based businesses

Avoid added residential shipping fees by noting the residential delivery location in advance.

Freight Shipping to Trade Shows

Trade show shipping requires a little more scheduling, since it involves shipping to your exhibit space in a timely fashion, with all your items prepared and intact for showcase. Before scheduling a trade show shipment, double check with your freight agent to see if the convention center and your freight carrier are prepared to handle trade show shipments.

Book with an official tradeshow carrier through FreightCenter and required accessorials and proper delivery methods, call one of FreightCenter’s expert freight agents at 844-212-7447, or chat with us online. We’ve got the know-how and we’re ready to help!

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