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There have been a lot of ups and downs lately while everyone tries to navigate the current situation. However, even during COVID-19, there is no shortage of good news. This week’s Feel Good Friday is about how people continue to lend a helping hand to each other and to those on the frontlines fulfilling their duties and job roles. Check out what types of relief for essential workers are being donated and made available across the nation.

RVs for MDs

Healthcare workers are among the most critical essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them have families they don’t want to potentially expose to the virus, and they have found it challenging to keep a safe distance—until now.

A group called RVs 4 MDs to Fight the Corona Virus was started on Facebook to help pair RVs with medical professionals across the U.S. and Canada. They help provide a safe place to quarantine for healthcare workers while allowing them to stay close to home. All the RVs are generously loaned out to frontline medical workers at no cost.

Now these essential workers can keep their families safe and still be near the ones they love.

Trucker Relief Funds

The American supply chain is the essential mechanism of the economy, making truckers among one of the most important essential workers group. Without truckers, our essential goods, like medicine, food and yes, toilet paper, wouldn’t make it to store shelves. Truckers keep goods moving no matter what.

Food trucks have been allowed at rest areas to help truckers get a good meal. People are posting their gratitude for truckers on social media by using the hashtag #ThankATrucker. Distribution centers are allowing truckers to fulfill their own essential needs at their facilities, and trucker relief fund donations are helping them keep their homes running smoothly even while they are away. Consider donating to the trucker relief fund to help truckers today.

Supporting Local Businesses Everywhere

Your favorite local businesses and restaurants are facing challenging times also. While many of the brick and mortar stores are closed for the time being, local small businesses everywhere are adapting the best they can, so they can continue to be your favorite local store.

Everyone is feeling the pinch of the current situation, but what can you do to continue to support your local businesses? That’s where Support Local steps up. The Support Local initiative helps you continue to show your support of local businesses. You can buy gift cards from local businesses today which provide a valuable cash flow and enjoy later.

Here’s how it works. On their site, you can search for a local business, add a local business to their platform, and purchase gift cards to use later. It’s a win-win for your favorite small businesses and for you.

How Can We Help? FreightCenter Helps Keep You Shipping to Your Customers

We are here to help you support your customers. As a designated critical infrastructure business, we are committed to helping you keep your business and shipments moving and to keep you informed. Visit our COVID-19 resources page for the latest updates.

As always, should you have questions, please talk with one of our shipping agents today 844-212-7447.

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