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As one might expect right now, many tourist attractions and art galleries around the world have temporarily shut down due to regulations surrounding COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean that galleries and tourist attractions aren’t still open for your enjoyment in a different way. These establishments have an answer to this challenge, and it’s not an uncommon one today; go digital! While you can’t visit galleries, museums, or travel the world in person right now, you can enjoy these places and things from your home. Check out these cool ways to travel the world from your couch and give sofa tourism a try.

Sofa Tourism on the Rise

This new (hopefully very temporary) solution is coming to be known as “sofa tourism” and has galleries and museums from all around the globe holding virtual tours for people to enjoy from the comfort of their home. Here are a few museums holding virtual tours:

Platforms like Google Arts & Culture are making it easy to host these tours and for people at home to access them and enjoy the beautiful artwork the world has to offer. Everybody’s appetite for artistic wonder can still be easily fulfilled!

Sending the Right Message

Social media trends like #StayHome have been effective in spreading the word about everybody’s duty to protect themselves and loved ones from the spread of COVID-19. Artists are not skipping a beat in promoting their work along with these narratives. Ahmed Al-Maadeed is a Middle Eastern artist taking to social media to showcase how he’s incorporating his art with these public safety measures.

Switzerland also promoted one of their famous landmarks to bring hope during the coronavirus outbreak. The Matterhorn’s snow-capped summit branded the messages of “Hope” and “#stayhome” with a heart and the Swiss flag.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has challenged people to re-create famous artwork at home with only the things available to them in their home and share it with the museum via social media. The recreations shared with the museum are wonderful, and you can still get involved by recreating famous artwork to share with others.

FreightCenter is Here

We wanted to bring you a little bit of culture albeit digitally! We know how hard small businesses and the people within them are impacted by COVD-19, but we will continue to provide you with the latest updatesbring you some good news, and help you keep your shipments moving.

Just like those virtual museum tours, you can use our online quoting and booking platform to book your shipments right out of the comfort of home. Get started today by getting a free online quote or call 844-212-7447.

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