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Let’s be honest here. We could all use a bit of a helping hand nowadays. With our minds going in a million different directions and often feeling a bit stressed out (thanks for nothing COVID-19!), we must remember how we can also take care of others who need help now more than ever. On this Feel Good Friday, we searched the web and found a story about two New York City college students who went all out in an endeavor to help the less fortunate and people in need.

Bringing Out the Best

An initiative known as Invisible Hands is helping those most at-risk during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a rather simple service; grocery shopping and delivering essential supplies to those stuck in quarantine. Founded by Liam Elkind and his friend Simone Policano, Invisible Hands has amassed 1,300 volunteers in just 72 hours to deliver groceries and medicine to older New Yorkers and other vulnerable people.

The volunteers in the initiative still practice social distancing and provide these services while taking the adequate safety measures. In a time where we feel most separated and apart from each other, Invisible Hands has come along and instilled a sense of comfort and happiness, especially in those needing it most in today’s day and age. 

And the best part, Invisible Hands is starting to have a bigger outreach than just New York. Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, and even London have volunteers offering these services too. For once, we can smile and cheer when talking about something spreading!

Here's How You Can Help

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life in some way, shape, or form. Remembering who’s out there really struggling or could really use an extra hand and doing something good for them is a deed that won’t go unseen. Picking up groceries or medicine for your neighbor and loved ones, of course while following CDC guidelines, restores a lot of faith in one another. That’s something we all need to get through this.

Many organizations and individuals depend on donations and other charitable actions. Make a difference in your community by donating essential items, food, paper goods and more. Offer to run to the store for your neighbor or friend who may not be able to go for themselves. Call your local animal shelter and ask what you can do to help homeless animals. Call your far away friends and family to check-in with them. Every small act of kindness we do for one another will make a difference in your life and someone else’s.

What FreightCenter is Doing for You

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