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Tired of all the depressing and seemingly unending stream of sad news? We are, too, so we searched the web to find some good news to share with you. Even during unprecedented times such as this COVID-19 situation, it’s important to look for the helpers in society. As a nation, we have come together (while practicing social distancing, of course) to lend a helping hand to each other. Check out these 3 ways we have come together to jump start your weekend with some feel good news.

Keeping Pantries Stocked with Food Donations

Many people are trying to keep their pantries stocked, but they may be finding it hard to find the items they need as stores continue to sell out. Sysco, in partnership with Feeding America and Second Harvest in Canada, is donating 2.5 million meals over the next few weeks as part of its community response strategy.

Sysco’s strategy is multi-faceted. They plan to focus on four key areas: product donations, delivery to foodbanks, providing additional storage and supporting the development of a mobile distribution platform. Sysco and its partners are working hard to help keep food on the table for millions of Americans. Now, that’s something we can all get behind.

Baseball Apparel Company Is Stepping Up to the Plate

Masks and gowns are running low at hospitals and clinics everywhere. However, many companies and individuals across the nation are hitting a home run by making critically necessary masks and gowns. In fact, Fanatics, one of the official apparel makers for Major League Baseball, will be converting its manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania to start making masks and gowns.

They plan to make 1 million masks and gowns to help hospitals and emergency medical providers across their state with the hope to reach New Jersey and New York as well. They will use the same fabric used in making baseball jerseys, giving these masks and gowns an added touch of fun.

With people and businesses around the nation working hard to support one another and battle this coronavirus pandemic, we are sure to be taken back to the ball game soon.

Tampa Bay Lightning Strike a Goal for the Community

FreightCenter is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, and there is no shortage of people and companies doing their part during this challenging time. The Tampa Bay Lightning is no exception. The Lightning have announced that they have a compensation plan in place to support full and part-time employees associated with the team and Amelia Arena.

In addition to this good news, the team announced it would donate 500,000 meals to Feeding Tampa Bay, a foodbank and distribution center that is part of Feeding America. The organization will help feed children, the elderly and those who are economically challenged.

The Lightning encourages hockey fans and community members to help Feeding Tampa Bay, too.

Want to Help? Here’s How

Next time you go to the grocery store or have your groceries delivered to your home, consider adding a few items to your cart for donation. Contact your local foodbank to find out how you can donate needed items to them. Many local foodbanks and shelters offer drop off donations designed to keep everyone safe.

Good at sewing? Try your hand at sewing masks for hospitals, care providers and emergency workers, who are on the frontlines of this pandemic. You can get some inspiration from this local Tampa Bay area woman or from this local Tampa Bay area company. Even if you’re not good at sewing, many local people are happy to take fabric and material donations, so they can keep making and distributing these important masks.

What FreightCenter Is Doing for You

At FreightCenter, we are working hard to keep you updated on any important news and provide ways for people and businesses to keep their shipping their goods. This includes essential items, like medical supplies and food. If you have a shipment that you need help getting out, reach out to us at 844-212-7447 or online and let us be your shipping department.

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