Where Have All the Ebay Freight Shipping Solutions Gone?

February 23, 2018 by Terese Kerrigan
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“Amazon, Amazon, Amazon,” I Say Jokingly as I Think about Ebay’s past and Future.

Have we forgotten eBay? When the auction website launched in 1995, it was the premier eCommerce solution. Sellers and buyers flocked to the site to buy and sell vintage items, rare objects, and everyday stuff like a broken laser pointer (eBay’s first listing). For early eBay users, shipping was relatively seamless. eBay gave us a few options for mailing within the US and Canada, and we retrieved packaging and services from our local post office.

Then the company launched its Global Shipping Program in August 2012 to assist sellers who sell goods abroad. To squeeze out Amazon, last year eBay announced guaranteed delivery that promises delivery within 3 days at no additional charge and no membership required. But what is an eBay user to do when they want to buy or sell something that’s too big or heavy to just mail?

Since 2010, many eBay freight shipping solutions have been unsuccessfully brought to market. Is freight shipping just too much for eBay to handle?

Now I know what you’re thinking… I promise I haven’t ignored eBay’s most recent changes to its freight shipping policy. If it’s news to you, eBay ditched its freight rate calculator tool and replaced it with local pickup options and two new third-party solutions. The changes were made slowly and didn’t come all at once.

That said, I hope eBay will promote more than two freight shipping options posthaste. After all, there are nearly 500,000 freight companies in the United States and not all operate equally. Some may not provide residential delivery options. Others may have better pricing in a lane or route. One carrier may have capacity while another carrier is completely booked. There are so many shipping options and scenarios out there that I’m left bewildered by eBay’s few.

Don’t be sad! There’s good news. You can partner with a different third-party provider known as a 3PL. A third-party logistics provider, like FreightCenter, sources leading national and regional carriers for the best value on freight shipping.

Whether you choose eBay’s solutions or go another route, you’ll still be asked to create an account, choose quotes, provide shipment details, print paperwork, schedule driver appointments, and track your shipments. With a partner like FreightCenter, however, they do it for YOU.

So, if you’re in the market for something large you want to charge, call FreightCenter at 800.716.7608 and ask for a free freight quote. We also have perks for eBay sellers that make it easy to manage shipments to buyers. Check out FreightCenter’s eBay freight shipping calculator tool and let us be your first shipping option every time.

FreightCenter has parcel shipping solutions in the event you do need to ship something small too!

Happy shipping!

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