When Really Is the Best Time to Renovate Your Home?

July 20, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Take a moment. Look around. Chances are, you’re in some sort of architectural standing; whether it’s a home, office building or commercial building, the structure you’re standing in was once a project that required freight in order to be completed. Construction shipping is just another component of freight that most of us neglect to consider. Freight isn’t just the goods you see on the shelves at your local super store, it’s the materials that make up the very building you’re standing in, too.

Consider all the elements that go into your home: flooring, windows, doors, plumbing, and appliances, just to name a few. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have the beautiful spiral staircase you always dreamed of, or large slabs of sparkle granite, soon to be adorned with all your kitchen gadgets – both items that we all dream of acquiring. Think about how one difficult or even impossible it might be to get these large and heavy items without the assistance of a freight truck.

Supply and Demand

It’s always wise to consider supply and demand when making arrangements for your next home improvement project. The best time to buy materials for a project may not necessarily be the best time to actually begin the project. If possible, buy items and materials when they are at their cheapest and store them in your home until the contractor you want is less busy. By waiting for your contractor’s schedule to clear up, you open up the possibility of getting a better rate and also better attention to detail if you’re one of their only renovations going on at the moment.

When to Buy?

Prices for materials fluctuate throughout the year. When everyone is putting their new deck in April and May, prices for wood are likely to go up. Why are prices for Christmas decorations significantly cheaper the moment Christmas is over? Because the demand has gone down. Look into buying your items in their “off-season” to get the best rate. Often, you will find that appliances are cheapest around holidays such as Labor Day, when sales are plentiful.

Timing the Renovation

It all comes down to where you live and what project you’re looking to get done. Planning is crucial, and you should be researching months ahead of time – don’t expect to want a new roof installed in May and have it completed by June. Always plan to have your project completed in the “slightly off-season” for that specific renovation. One might think it would be too hot to put in a new roof during the summer, but actually, the heat helps the adhesives to dry – making summer months optimal and busy times for roofers. What that means for you is you should be looking into getting your project done right before or after summer is here so that the weather is still hot but the demand is less. One truth that remains the same across the board? Wet weather is the least desirable climate to be working in. Although, once a tent is set up, interior renovation is possible.

There’s some speculation as to when the busiest time of the year is. Some say it’s August through November – when people are preparing their home for the holidays. Others say it’s the spring, when the holidays die down, the weather improves, and people receive their tax refund check. No matter what answer you side with, the universal truth stands that: the busiest time of year depends on which project you’re looking to complete. You wouldn’t schedule to have a pool put in if you live in Maine and it’s the middle of winter. Consider your geographical location at all times when determining when to schedule your renovation.

What’s Freight Got to Do with It?

A lot actually! Wherever you side on the Lowe’s vs. Home Depot spectrum, you’re likely purchasing your materials for renovation from a store similar to one of the two. For those materials to have gotten there in the first place, they had to be brought in from a fulfillment center. For them to be brought from the fulfillment center, they had to be transferred by a freight truck. This is what’s referred to as a supply chain and when it works correctly, it’s magically efficient and seamless.

If you’re planning your next home renovation and require freight shipping to get materials to the construction site, get a freight quote and have access to competitive rates AND great service.

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