The Shippers Have Spoken: How Shippers & 3PLs Work Better Together

July 10, 2019 by Constantinos Garoufalidis
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In the 2019 Third-Party Logistics Study: State of Logistics Outsourcing Report by Penske, Penn State, Infosys and Korn Ferry,  73% of 3PL users believe that 3PLs offer “new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness” and 89% of shippers believe partnering with a 3PL has “contributed to improving services for the ultimate customer.”

Basically, shippers and 3PLs are working together better than ever before. With data available at the snap of a finger, 3PLs have evolved to fulfill all your shipping needs faster and smarter with a personal touch.

3PLs Create Meaningful Partnerships

As global industry changes, so have shipping needs. Businesses and individuals alike need innovative solutions faster. Technology is driving change all around us, but that shouldn’t discount the value of personal relationships.

We’ve grown to believe that technology will make everything easier for us.

Yes, a truckload of data and fancy algorithms are crucial to finding the right carriers, routes and prices. And that drives people to use 3PLs! But 3PLs thrive on networks and channels. Partnerships need to be created. Human interactions. A 3PL who simply communicates well with carriers and shippers provides better service to both.

Business is About People

Business-to-business means people-to-people. We still need humans now more than ever in this digital age.

3PLs and shippers are working better together and improving efficiencies because of technological advancements and the level of openness and transparency. You have one human point of contact who uses transportation management software to find the right solutions for you. And they’ll get to know your needs. And walk you through every step of the process. You have your own personal shipping agent.

We are here to provide the human experience and want to make your shipping experience easier and more personalized.

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