What Is the 411 on LTL Shipping?

March 2, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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|el-tee-el| – n.

1. the transportation of relatively small freight. Short for less-than-truckload.

The alternative to LTL carriers are parcel carriers or full truckload (FTL) carriers. Parcel carriers typically work with small packages that can be broken down into units that are less than 150 pounds. Meanwhile, full truckload carriers usually work with shipments over 10,000 pounds.

How Important Is It To Maximize Freight Space?

Imagine that a trucker has a completely empty trailer to work with. One by one, orders begin to come in and fulfill space within the truck. For truck drivers, they always strive to carry as many shipments as possible. Why?  Well, it’s simple. The more they haul, the more money they’re making. So, by maximizing a limited commodity, such as the space in a truck trailer, the trucker is not only getting the most bang for their buck but so are you! The more shipments on the truck, the less the driver has to surge prices to ensure the haul is a profitable one. And to top it all off – by maximizing space, you’re setting up freight to essentially carpool with fellow freight and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Choosing LTL really is a win for everyone all across the board.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Steps When Shipping LTL

It’s not an LTL shipment unless you’ve properly prepared your freight for transit, too. Remember, your freight will be sharing truck space with a variety of other shipments that might be a lot more heavy and durable than what you’re shipping. To ensure that your freight can withstand its time in transit, use our tips for packaging freight and leave absolutely nothing to chance.

Somewhere within that truck trailer is where your freight shipment is going to fit in just perfectly. That’s why providing your Freight Agent with accurate dimensions at the time of booking, is so important. If the measurements you provide are far enough off what is accurate when the truck driver goes to perform a pickup, it could prevent the trucker from even having enough space in their trailer for your shipment. To avoid this, obtain and provide accurate measurements to your Freight Agent at the time of booking – this means you should most definitely include packaging materials in the final measurement.

How LTL Freight Shipping Meets Your Every Demand

When you have to ship something that far exceeds UPS or Fedex’s parcel capabilities, you can turn to FreightCenter for all your freight shipping needs. With FreightCenter’s LTL capabilities, you can transport your shipment for a fraction of what it would cost for an entire truck to ship your freight exclusively. Sometimes all you need is a little space, on a big truck. We can help with that. So what are you waiting for? Get your free, instant freight quotes now!

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