Spooky Freight Stories

October 17, 2016 by Terese Kerrigan
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Are These the Spookiest Freight Stories You’ll Ever Hear? (Keep Reading to Find Out)

Happy Halloween from FreightCenter!
It’s that time of year again – grab a cup of hot cocoa, pull the covers up over your head, and check out these killer stories.
When you think of furniture freight, you might think of the sofa you shipped to your son who just started college, or your mom’s old rocking chair that you inherited. But what about the kind of freight that sends chills down your spine and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Yes, we’re talking about haunted freight.


Home Sweet Horror

This ghost story takes place in Florida. A family moving into a new home little by little begin to find disassembled pieces to a chair dating back to the 1400’s. When the husband sits in the newly reassembled chair, he is mysteriously admitted to the hospital for months…

Chair of Death

A man hung by the neck in a country inn where he once lived, lingers around and curses to death anyone who dares to sit in his favorite chair. The chair is now at a local museum, mounted high up on a wall where no one is allowed to even reach for nor sit on the chair.

The Haunted Bed

This Australian based story is written by a former teacher who witnessed his neighbor’s purchase of a beautiful antique cast iron bed. Now, decades later he discovers his neighbors aren’t the only ones who had paranormal experiences with what appeared to be just an antique bed.

Somebodys Got to Haunt It

This Los Angeles Times story, is written from a park ranger’s perspective. Every time someone attempts to get rid of the tree that fell and killed a young Hollywood couple making love on top of a picnic table almost thirty years ago, they keep encounter something and runaway because of supernatural occurrences at the table.

We get it, freight can be confusing and even daunting at times. But your freight shipping needs don’t have to be the scariest part of the Halloween season. With help from a knowledgeable Freight Agent, your freight scares can be a thing of the past. Get started by getting your free, instant freight quotes and let us make freight shipping simple!

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