Shipping to Area 51: Limited Access Locations

July 24, 2019 by Constantinos Garoufalidis
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Are you kicking around the idea of heading to Area 51?  Maybe even snagging an alien friend to show off to everyone? More power to you. 

So, what if you need to ship something to Area 51? Maybe some supplies for your exit route. Or clothes for your new alien!

Besides getting fast-tracked onto a government watchlist, there are extra costs associated with shipping to a place like Area 51. It’s what’s known as a limited access location. One mistake shippers often make is not understanding what a limited access location is. This could lead to extra charges after your shipment has been delivered (aka a billing adjustment).

What is Considered Limited Access?

It’s any location that makes it difficult for trucks to pick up from or deliver to. Including:

  • Government Facilities
  • Any area where no one is available to help with pickup/delivery
  • Areas not open to the general public during normal business hours
  • Airports, hotels, churches, storage units, nursing homes, farms, prisons, schools, construction sites and fairs or carnivals

Limited access is considered an add-on, or accessorial, because of the extra shipping requirements for these locations. Carriers need smaller trucks for deliveries and have to make arrangements with multiple parties for pickup and delivery of a shipment which creates more work.

Things like excessive tree coverage or trucks not having clear access to the exact pickup or delivery spot qualifies a location as limited access. Be sure to consider the ease of pick up and delivery to a location when booking a shipment.

How to avoid potential billing adjustments

Work with the experts. We identify limited access locations and provide solutions to avoid costly billing adjustments. 

Ready to ship? We’re here to help, give us a call today 800.716.7608.

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