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March 7, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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It’s no surprise that shipping items across the country can cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you’re shipping items from your at-home business in San Francisco to your new line of business in New York City, or arranging a one-time shipment from a supplier in Cleveland to your house in Austin, we’ve got a freight shipping solution for you.

You might have spent some time online researching the best option and quickly became overwhelmed by just how many options there are! You want to make the smartest decision that will save you both time and money but you’re not sure which option that means choosing.

Let’s break down some different options:


This seems like a cheap option at first. Advertised at only $19.95, how much cheaper can it get? That’s because they’re advertising the price for their cheapest options – a pickup truck and/or cargo van, both options that are only available for same city pickup and drop off. There’s a $.59/mile charge, in addition to the cost of fuel that you’re expected to pay. Not to mention the $10 they charge you for “optional” damage protection, which is not optional at all once they show you the shocking sticker value to repair various parts of the truck, all after reminding you that your auto insurance policy likely does not cover damage to rental trucks. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the cheapest shipping option. There’s a high possibility you’ll need a bigger Uhaul truck which means a higher base rate, higher fuel usage, and a higher rate per mile.

And then there’s the question of who’s going to drive it? Time is money. Do you really want to spend your day driving all over town to pick up the truck and spend hours loading it and unloading it, and then still have to bring the truck back to Uhaul when you’re finished? Yeah, we didn’t think so. What started as a seemingly economical option is now costing you more time and money than you could have imagined.

Load Board

Do you have a Ph.D. in negotiations and endless time available to spend sitting at the computer trying to come to an agreement with a stranger who is graciously offering to ship your items for twice the amount you initially offered? Then a freight load board is perfect for you!

But seriously. This method is madness. You post your bid and wait days for a legitimate offer to come through and even then, you have to discuss back and forth to come to an actual agreement on price. Who has the time (and energy) for that? No one. Especially not when there are way more efficient services available.


The only option with VIP treatment, just like you deserve. You make one call, and that’s it – we handle the rest. There’s no posting to a load board and waiting days for a reply, only to have to haggle the bidder down to a reasonable price. There’s no false advertising only to end up spending twice or even three times that amount once all fees and hidden costs are accounted for. With FreightCenter, there’s none of that. By calling one of our agents at 800-716-7608 or by getting a FREE, INSTANT quote online, you can have your shipment handled at lightning fast speed. You’ll have a knowledgeable and experienced agent to walk you through the entire process, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Did we mention all the carriers we work with are licensed and vetted so you never have to worry about who’s handling your freight? From Los Angeles to New York City, we’ve got all your shipping needs covered. Give us a call today!

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