How to Be Successful in Logistics During All Seasons of the Year

September 14, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Seasons by the Truckload

We see it all in our Truckload department: Big or small and wide or tall. We arrange containers of fresh peaches from Georgia to New York. We oversee the logistics of multi-stop flatbed loads that require road escort. We’ve helped residential developers move 32 pallets of wood flooring from a warehouse in Oregon to a construction site in West Palm Beach, Florida. No matter where you are or what you need transported, FreightCenter’s truckload team is prepared to handle your toughest scenario. We’re also government-contracted and licensed to work with any public agency or private organization – big or small.

Late December to Early March – Winter Is Here and So Are We

Lock the doors, light and fire and batten the hatches because it’s time to settle in for a long winter. This is the time when trucks are difficult to maneuver down roads and nationwide transportation slows to its annual lull. As soon as the frost melts and the roads unfreeze, shipping will be back in full swing. After all, we all need our fair share of avocados to eat even if they’re out of season.

We’re not sleeping, however. FreightCenter is busy preparing our customers for the upcoming seasons. It is never too early to start planning your freight spend and identifying providers who can handle your capacity at your budget. While we may not always be the cheapest option, we are happy to say we believe we are your best option. Our extended service hours, online rating and booking tool, and proactive customer service make us the easy choice when it comes to finding a flexible freight provider.

August to early October – Fall Back to School Time

Sure, fruits and veggies are still being plucked from the earth but that doesn’t mean another shipping season isn’t already upon us. August marks back to school frenzy! Those pencils, notebooks, backpacks and school clothes won’t ship themselves. This frenzy never entirely fizzles out and continues well into the peak holiday shopping season. At the very least, carriers are returning to their normal schedules, which is a good thing since this time also marks when production and manufacturing companies start sending their RFP/RFQs to FreightCenter so we can lock in their rates for the upcoming year. When businesses have high volumes to ship, requesting bids and quotes is part of the process.

However, finding a truck can still be a challenge. That’s where FreightCenter thrives! We can foresee high volumes and tightened capacity. With that insight, we can find alternative drivers or carriers who do have available trucks. You never know… one of these alternative solutions could be the next best thing that happened to your supply chain (after finding FreightCenter, of course).

Late October to December – Peak Holiday Season

Joy to the world, the holiday season has come! With approximately 25-30 million live Christmas trees shipped every year, you better believe we see an influx in flatbed and temperature-controlled truck loads. With our trees and celebratory lights lighted, most Americans are in a great mood and in the spirit of giving. Our bellies are stuffed after Thanksgiving but that doesn’t stop hundreds of millions of shoppers from flocking to stores. We’re talking in upwards of 150 million men, women and children who stake out retailers for the best deals just hours after the dinner bell rang. That doesn’t include millions more who shop online during Cyber Monday. A lot of product gets stripped from shelves, meaning a lot of shipments being moved between distributors/ warehouses and retailers. We also anticipate a fair share of returns after Christmas and New Year’s Day.

To save on the cost of returns, retailers can consolidate truckloads to and from single warehouses. This saves us all more than just money. We also reap savings on fuel and a reduced impact of truck emissions on our environment.

Is FreightCenter your truckload shipping provider of choice yet? If not, get a free instant quote online and one of our freight agents will handle your every need. We also offer less-than-truckload services, as well as parcel shipping options for businesses that ship large volumes of packages in addition to freight.


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