The Recipe for Packaging the Perfect Parcel

May 11, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Maybe you think you know the recipe for packaging a parcel. It might’ve been passed down to your mom from your grandma, passing through each generation. Perhaps it’s even written on what’s nothing more than a tattered piece of paper at this point. You might know the recipe so well that you don’t even have to glance at the instructions anymore. It might just be what’s been passed down to you, but is it really the best? No, we think we’ve found the best recipe for how to package your parcel. Don’t tell grandma.


  • 1 carboard box
  • 1 roll of bubble wrap
  • 1 roll of high quality tape
  • 1 scale
  • 1 marker
  • 1 bag of packing peanuts


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. For no good reason. This has nothing to do with packaging parcel, but it’s how all good recipes start.
  2. Handpick a box. But not every box is a winner. The box you pick will have to be large enough for you to fit your item into with space to move too.
  3. Fold a layer of bubble wrap all over your item. Don’t be skimpy with this step. Maybe even do a second layer for added protection. You can’t really overdo it. Unless the item no longer fits in the box. Then you’ve over done it.
  4. Sprinkle in packing peanut material until the box is full. This will help ensure your item will not move around in the box and remains secure during transit.
  5. Peel off any old delivery labels or address details if you are using a second-hand box. Note that using a second-hand box may result in damage to your item as the box is weakened during use.
  6. Julienne several strips of high quality tape. Wrap the box with tape until you are confident the parcel is sealed and will not open during its time in transit.
  7. Garnish your sealed box with the appropriate label for delivery. The correct label will depend on which carrier you’re using. Some carriers may require that you print and attach bar code labels, and other carriers will ask that you address the parcel for them to then attach a bar code. In any case, place at least 2 copies of the bar code label on your parcel. If you are not able to print your delivery address and attach it to the box, it is acceptable to write it with a marker.
  8. Toss your ready-to-go parcel on a scale to ensure it is not over the weight limitations. Many parcel carriers have a weight limit and if you surpass it, there are hefty fees to pay. Be sure that your parcel does not surpass any weight or dimension maximums.
  9. Serve your parcel to the best logistics company – FreightCenter of course. Once your parcel is prepared, let others enjoy the fruit of your labor. We’ll even swoon over the attention to detail on your packing job. We don’t let quality go unnoticed. Let us take it from here, we promise to take care of your parcel as if it were our own. But we can’t promise that our Grandma’s isn’t better. Shh!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 1 perfectly packaged parcel

So there you have it. The perfect recipe for packaging your freight for a successful shipping transit. During your parcels journey, you never know what conditions it may come across. Perhaps there was a rain storm that put a damper on things or just a bumpy ride that left a few bruises on the package. No matter the conditions, be sure that you’ve prepared your parcel for the ride. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping your packaged parcel off your dining room table, it might not be packaged well enough. After all, mother always said it’s better to safe than sorry!

We admit, there may be several different recipes for success in packaging your parcel perfectly. Some prefer taking extra precautions, while others like to live dangerously and not use bubble wrap (though we don’t recommend this). The choice is yours when it comes to caring for your parcel. No one can force you to use that extra layer of bubble wrap or the whole bag of packing peanuts or even double boxing it for extra measure. If you want your parcel to arrive in good condition, it is up to you, the shipper, to make sure you’ve done your part.

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