How to Make the Most out of Peak Shipping Season This Year

September 12, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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It is that time of year again when shipping kicks into high gear and capacity hits all-time lows. As a start-up or medium-sized business, what alternatives do you have than to pay more when supply is low?
You don’t have to always pay more than the bigger guys. Continue reading our tips below on how to navigate the peak shipping months between September and December.

Start Planning Now

Everyone is going to be shipping. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers are all priming up for peak season by giving their freight provider advanced notice. When we know how many trucks or space you need ahead of time, we can better plan to keep your supply chain kink-free. It’s never too early to start planning. Christmas tree shipping season will be here before you know it.

Explore All Options

Your shipping provider should be able to provide alternatives to ground surface transportation, as well as provide you with different options to safely and quickly transport your freight. Perhaps a less than truckload shipment should be moved using a dedicated truck. In that scenario, our truckload department would help you secure a partial truck load. We can also offer guaranteed pickup and delivery windows in most cases for an additional cost. Whether you need expedited shipping or a cheaper alternative to trucking, FreightCenter has the answers.

Online Shopping & Returns

In recent years, the peak season has exploded because of online shopping behaviors. More and more consumers are choosing online shopping carts instead of push carts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not holidays, but they account for the largest retail shopping days of the year. If your business does a combination of ecommerce shipping and brick-and-mortal retail, you will need to think about third-party warehousing of surplus and product returns. If your business ships, you’re probably familiar with reverse logistics. And if not, you’re in luck, because your freight agent can help you out with that process of shipping returned inventory. With an estimated 30% of all products ordered online eventually being returned by the consumer, you’ll need to prepare for incoming shipments as well.

New Product Releases

The holiday peak shipping season welcomes many new products on the scene just in time for gift giving. Your business may want to source an alternative to handle project freight, such as one-off shipments of specialty goods or new product in-store displays to select retailers. Project freight involves shipments that fall outside of your typical season and carrier contracts.

Extended Hours

You’re open late during peak season and so are we. FreightCenter is available until 11 p.m. on most days. Our online rating and booking service can help you prepare your quotes and paperwork ahead of time so you can schedule shipments in advance. Whether you want to do it yourself or need concierge freight service, FreightCenter has your solution.

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