Insider Advice for Shipping Paper Products

October 12, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Paper products keep households, businesses, and offices running in an orderly fashion. Each day we use countless paper products in all different ways – whether it’s the newspaper you read in the morning or the banners and posters hung around your office – paper is everywhere.

The Truth About Paper Usage in the United States

According to, the average person in the United States uses more than 700 pounds of paper each year. It was thought that paper usage would peter out with the advent of email, but the opposite occurred, and demand for paper is expected to double by 2030. The U.S. is one of the largest consumers of paper in the world – in fact, if we had to measure it, the average American uses the equivalent of a 100-foot tall Douglas fir tree a year, and with 323.1 million people in the U.S…. well, that’s a whole lot of paper!

The Paper Chase: Breaking Down Paper Shipping

It’s no secret that the shipping industry goes through a lot of paper (not to mention cardboard!), and it doesn’t stop at packaging or invoices. We ship a whole lot of paper too.

Paper products are most commonly shipped as LTL freight because they’re bulkier and not easily damaged when packaged properly. Although most paper products originate from the same resources, they are often frequently categorized under different freight classes.

For example, products such as computer and copy paper are very dense and of little monetary value, therefore they fall under a low freight class of 55. However, products such as boxes of toilet paper are a bit more fragile and susceptible to damage, hence why they are a class 125.

If you are shipping files that contain vulnerable information, notify your freight agent to make sure LTL freight shipping is right for you.  All paper is sensitive material; make sure it’s shipped right.

Why Paper Shipping Requires a Reliable Carrier

Paper is a paradox in the sense that it’s mostly very durable and easy to ship, however, any damage to it could render it worthless for its intended purpose. Blank packaging damaged by dirt or improper handling can become unfit for use. Delicate and light types of paper goods can be crushed when proper transportation procedures are not followed. Any crushed or crumpled paper office supplies cannot be sold or used, as they are expected to maintain a certain level of quality upon purchase.

To combat the risk of damage to the paper products, talk to a FreightCenter agent about working with a reputable and experienced freight carrier that knows how to get your paper products to their final destination in one piece.

The Verdict on Shipping Paper Products

Avoid crumpled, folded paper by putting the right shipping experts on the job. FreightCenter’s experienced freight agents will make sure you find the right classification and carrier for your paper products, so they get from point A to point B with no points on them.

Paper can be easily damaged. We’ll find the right carriers so yours stays crisp and clean. Get your free, instant freight quotes on paper products now.

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