How to Get Your Motorcycle to Laughlin River Run

April 4, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Riding Season is Forever

Does riding season ever really start and end? Most bikers will tell you a resounding no. They’ll say something like the season starts as soon as you can get outside without freezing and ends one day before you’ll freeze again. To bikers, there really is no day quite like the first day of Spring. One might even call it the true marking of a biker’s new year as opposed to the first of January.

Rally Season is Upon Us

Just because there isn’t a defined riding season, doesn’t mean there isn’t a distinct Motorcycle Rally Season. Every year, hundreds of bike rallies are assembled and attended all across the United States during spring and summer months. A few rallies even trickle into fall if the state it’s being held in is known for moderate weather.

Some rallies are large-scale and known for gatherings in the hundreds of thousands; like Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or Daytona Beach Bike Week. While other rallies are smaller, local Bike Night’s at the local beer and wings hangout. No matter the size or rally you’re attending, there is never a lack of love for motorcycles.

But the one thing that remains the same no matter the size of the rally? The traditions. Bike rallies stand for community and fun – values that will never change. And who would really want them to? There’s an unspoken bond in the biker community, one that implies they will always have each other’s backs no matter what. It’s an experience and a feeling you wouldn’t trade for the world.

Every year hundreds of thousands of bikers rejoice come spring time when they can finally check their tires, fuel, battery and everything else under the sun. It means the open road is upon us and the rallies we’ve waited all winter for are going to quickly come and go before we know it. Which means one thing: we’ve got to make the best of each and every rally.

Your Motorcycle Shipping Solution

And we’ll do just that. All season long, FreightCenter will be writing about upcoming rallies, sharing biker and rally tips and making sure you know how to ship your motorcycle to each rally for the cheapest rate available.

Ask any experienced biker and they will tell you that riding your bike to the rally is half the fun, but not always an ideal approach. Think of how discouraged you’ll be when you show up to the rally with an aching back, a day and a half late because there was a storm you had to pull over for. You won’t be glad you rode your bike the whole way then, will you? Be stubborn in your love for biker rallies, but don’t be stubborn in what’s practical and what’s not.

By working with a large network of vetted and reputable motorcycle carriers, FreightCenter is able to pass along our discounted rates to you as our customer. We’ll save you your back AND some cash.

The First Rally of the Season

We’re kicking off the biker-beloved Motorcycle Rally Season with the Laughlin River Run, an annual rally held in Laughlin, Nevada. The rally is the largest gathering of both bikes and bikers in the entire Western United States.

The first ever river run was initially held in 1983 by Harley-Davidson dealer Dale Marschke, who wanted to bring his customers on a fun weekend ride. The rally had a steep attendance of 426 bikers the first year and grew to 70,000 enthusiasts by 2005.  The event has grown to offer concerts, vendors, drag races and charity events. To say the rally has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1983 would be an understatement.  This year will be the 35th annual Laughlin River Run, held on April 26th – 29th, 2017 and the motive is still the same as it was back in ’83. The rally is meant to be a fun weekend ride, one where bikers can enjoy the serene beauty surrounding the Colorado River on which Laughlin is held.  It’s an event with a little something for everyone – and you won’t want to miss it.

The FreightCenter Way

Start by giving us a call at 800.716.7608 and letting an experienced freight agent know you’re attending a motorcycle rally and need your bike shipped to Laughlin River Run. They will be able to take care of everything from start to finish for you, leaving you with one duty only – get your engines ready to have some fun!

US Motorcycle Rally Map

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