LTL Shipping for Businesses

June 2, 2016 by Terese Kerrigan
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Simplify LTL Shipping with FreightCenter.

FreightCenter has provided customers of all sizes with logistics services driven by superior service, innovation and technology since 1998. It’s no secret that since then we’ve become leaders in LTL shipping. In fact, 94 percent of FreightCenter’s business is in LTL shipments. As of 2015 we’ve handled nearly 400,000 LTL freight shipments and our freight experts continue to book hundreds more each day.

LTL shipping can be complicated; especially for someone with no logistics experience. There are so many variables to consider for each shipment: the lanes (determined by pick up and drop off locations,) the weight and dimensions, the packaging, freight classification and more. All of these variables can drastically affect the services needed and cost to ship. Our freight experts are trained to simplify this process for shippers and help them make the right logistics decisions for their businesses.


Guaranteed Services
Depending on the carrier, this can include both date and time specific needs for pick up or delivery.

Expedited Shipping
FreightCenter offers expedited services for time-sensitive freight. Service levels include 3-day, 2-day, overnight and next-day freight services.

Lift Gate Services
Lift gate services are necessary at pick up and/or delivery when your shipment is over 150 pounds and there is not a forklift available on site. Many of our carriers offer lift gate services upon request.

Notification Services
For circumstances where notification is needed before pick up or delivery, a notification call can be requested at a determined length of time before pick up or drop off.

White Glove Services
White glove services are available for residential shipments of furniture or other household goods that require a complete and total solution in which everything is packaged and handled for you.

First and Final Mile
First mile refers to services wherein the driver is needed for inside pickup, packaging and dismantling, stair carries and more. Final mile refers to the opposite wherein the driver is needed for inside delivery, removal of packaging materials, assembly or setup and more.

Haz Mat Services
FreightCenter has specializes carriers that can handle the transportation of hazardous materials including but not limited to fuels, bio-chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Limited Access
Any destination or location that restricts trucks from entering a point of entry is considered to be limited access. FreightCenter works with carriers that are equipped to access such locations such as construction sites, military bases, school, churches, government facilities, etc.

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