Keeping freight rates stable during peak shipping season

September 24, 2019 by Meyer Baron
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Stay protected from seasonal spikes in rates

If you’ve been shipping any length of time, then you may have noticed that LTL and Truckload rates often fluctuate in the fall months due to an increase in demand from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Shipping’s best season starts with back-to-school goods and fall fashions heading to the stores and finishes up with the lion’s share of holiday shipping. Stores need to have the products they expect to sell for Christmas well in advance of Thanksgiving.

Sometimes the freight-shipping rate increases are subtle; sometimes, not so much. That’s based on market conditions such as demand and fuel prices. When the rate increases are subtle, shippers might not even notice them.

If you currently use other 3PLs besides FreightCenter for your company’s shipping, check their rates for your favorite carriers. You’re likely to notice that those rates have gone up. That hasn’t happened at FreightCenter.

We know that stability in shipping rates, like all expenses, is a legitimate concern for SMBs. To provide your business with that stability, we endeavor to hold rates steady for the entire year. It’s not always possible (especially if there is a big spike in fuel prices), but this year it is.

Manage your freight spend

At FreightCenter, we focus on maintaining rate stability so that fluctuations don’t eat away at your bottom line. Our goal is for our customers to achieve end of year goals and profits by providing steady predictive, discounted rates along with account management and forecasting.

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself that our rates haven’t changed. Get a free online quote now or call your National Account Manager at 800.716.7608.

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