Instant Truckload Rating Saves You Time and Money

August 8, 2016 by FreightCenter Team
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This year has been an exciting one for FreightCenter. We changed our brand, revamped our positioning and just launched a totally redesigned, mobile-friendly website. We also introduced a brand-new service: instant truckload rating.

FreightCenter is proud to be one of the first freight shipping companies to offer instant, online truckload rating. Don’t think we’re new to truckload shipping though! We’ve shipped nearly 30,000 truckload shipments for businesses and enterprises over the years and we’re constantly updating our network of trucking carriers to deliver the largest selection of services at the best price.

Instant Truckload Rating: What’s the Big Deal?

The time you save not waiting for bids.

Before, our customers had to request a full truckload quote from one of our truckload representatives. Now, they can instantly receive rates for any type of truckload equipment without having to pick up the phone or send an email. Of course, they’ll still have access to some of the best truckload freight experts in the business.

Requesting an instant truckload quote is just as easy as filling out our LTL quote form. The only difference is you’ll have to choose the shipment type (dependent on the necessary equipment) to transport your freight. If you ship full truckloads often you’re probably already familiar benefits of using truckload over less-than-truckload. You probably also know the differences between the types of truckload shipping. For those who aren’t familiar – truckload shipping can be the answer to streamlining your supply chain and saving you a ton of money in transportation costs.

3 biggest benefits of truckload shipping:

It ships directly from point A to point B making it the fastest over-the-road shipping option.
Depending on the amount of space it requires, it can be much cheaper than shipping multiple LTL shipments.
There’s less handling, therefore less of a chance for damages.
Thanks to our large network of freight carriers, you can use FreightCenter’s instant rating to run quotes on any type of truckload shipment.

Types of truckload equipment:

Dry van. Don’t let “van” confuse you. This term refers to the most common type of freight trailer – the semi-trailer. They’re usually between 26 and 53 feet long.
Flatbed. As its name suggests, it is a trailer with an entirely flat, level body with no sides or roof. Check out this 3,700-pound horse that was moved on a flatbed.
Refrigerated. This can be a van or truck that is designed to keep perishable freight at specific temperatures.
RGN. This stands for removable gooseneck and refers to trailers with very low decks that can be used for hauling freight that can be driven onto a trailer.
Step deck. These trailers are similar to flatbeds, but they have two deck levels. The lower deck allows for hauling taller loads.

Want to compare full truckload rates to less than truckload shipping rates? Check out our instant truckload rating quote form or call us for the same great trucking rates. We have agents available to take your call at 800.716.7608.

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