How to Ship Large Items on eBay

October 18, 2018 by Mikayla Avila Vila
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eBay is a great platform to start a small business on by offering virtual auction space that exposes you to a world of bidders, but making the transition from shipping parcel to learning how to ship large items on eBay can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, FreightCenter has some tips and tricks for listing your large items, and navigating the logistical challenges of shipping less-than-truckload (LTL). LTL shipping is like ridesharing for freight. It’s a cost-effective mode of transportation that only requires the shipper pay only for the space their freight occupies on the trailer, which will help you save money when you ship large items on eBay.

Pricing for eBay Freight Shipping

One of the main questions sellers ask themselves when trying to figure out how to ship large items on eBay is: How should I price it? While we don’t have a definitive answer, we do have some suggestions that you can keep in mind when determining pricing.

Here are some questions to consider before you ship:

How are you shipping? Traditional courier services will not be able to handle items over 150 lbs. (that’s anything too bulky for one mail person to reasonably be able to carry unless they’re Superman). You will have to utilize a freight shipping company to ship large items on eBay.

What is the highest shipping rate for your item? This will be the price of the furthest distance you’re willing to ship. Our freight rate estimator can help you determine a cost-to-ship range based on your items size and weight. When you know the exact destination, revisit our tool to get an updated price.

Should I bundle the shipping rate into the item price? Whether you price your item to include shipping or price the two separately, make sure you are clear in your description so there’s no confusion for the buyer and you don’t jeopardize your profit.

What kind of buyers do you want? On eBay, buyer and seller reputation play a big part in the legitimacy of your store. First-time freight shippers may feel inclined to low-ball their prices. Don’t undersell your items.

Packaging For Freight

Most eBay sellers are familiar with the personalized care of parcel shipping. Think of freight shipments as having an opposite experience. LTL shipments face a long, rough road of travel as your cargo passes from forklift, to warehouse, to trailer and back again. Your LTL freight will never be on the same truck the whole way through, and it will be sharing the trailer with many other shipments. This is why packaging is a critical step when you ship large items on eBay.

Packaging for freight is important enough to warrant its own pages. We’ve discussed the level of care that must be taken in another blog, How To Ship Large Items, which covers the different means of shipping and accessorials that can be utilized to ship.

For a more thorough, in-depth look at packaging specifically for freight, check out our Practical Freight Packaging. This will guide you through external and internal packaging options, from crates, pallets, and drums, to finding the right type of cushioning that will keep your large item safe on the road.

Finding the Right Carrier

Shipping directly with a freight carrier can be a costly endeavor, and eBay sellers may be under the impression that they only have two options for bulky shipments. That isn’t the case! Sellers can find their own carrier to ship their goods, or they can save money by partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) company like FreightCenter. Besides aggregating the best freight rates, like an Expedia of freight, FreightCenter provides access to many carriers who are not available to the general public without applying for (and receiving) a line of credit.

FreightCenter is here to ensure you find the most affordable price for your freight. We offer the same services as eBay partner carriers, with the addition of personalized, one-on-one support. Our freight experts will match you with the perfect carrier and take care of the rest. Take the weight of shipping off your shoulders.

See our eBay freight shipping page for more information. If you have any questions about shipping large items on eBay, call us at 800.716.7608, or get an instant quote today.

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