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May 31, 2019 by FreightCenter Team
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We aren’t fortune tellers at FreightCenter, but we have been in the logistics business long enough to predict what you’re about to ask:

How much is the cost of freight to (insert destination)?

Fortunately, we have the answers you seek! Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as 1, 2, 3. But don’t worry, you’re in luck. We’ll break it down and give you an idea of what’s involved in calculating freight cost wherever you’re shipping.

Understanding Freight Cost

The cost of shipping is called the freight rate. Freight rate is made up of a multitude of variables, like weight and density, as well as distance and capacity. There is no base rate  because so many factors needed to calculate the cost to ship freight are constantly fluctuating. Even the logistics industry can’t predict what it will be. What we can do is use the full details of your shipment to generate the most accurate (and feasible) freight rate.

We don’t want you to settle for any ol’ price!

Generating the Cost of Freight

While different modes of road transport will have differing rates—whether you decide to ship less-than-truckload (LTL), partial truckload (PTL), or full truckload (FTL)—some factors that affect freight costs overlap.

For instance, the accessibility of the location is key to determining your rate. Will interlining (when a shipment is transferred between different carriers) be necessary? Loads often change hands (or trucks)—especially in LTL. This will affect the rate.

Here are some other common factors that will affect freight costs:

Rates will differ from road, rail, ocean, and air transport.

Popular Shipping Destinations

Distance of travel plays a big part in determining the cost of freight shipments. Keep in mind that the further away your cargo has to go, the higher the freight rate will be. Below is a list of some of the more common places that shippers ship to and from. This will give you a sense of how geography can affect pricing.

Find the Best Freight Rates

Use our instant quote tool to get estimates at your fingertips. Our freight agents will figure out the rest.

If you have any questions about determining the cost of your freight, contact one of our expert freight agents at 800.716.7608, or explore our FAQ.

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