Ship Packages? Don’t Get Tangled in the Holiday Shipping Rush

December 4, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Black Friday by the Numbers

As predicted, the 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday online and traditional retail sales revenues peaked over previous years. According to Adobe analytics, more than 50% of shoppers accessed retailers by their mobile phones. With over $5 billion in Black Friday retail sales alone, Adobe predicts holiday season revenues to break $100 billion by December 31.

Why the Rush?

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), shoppers aren’t waiting until 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day for stores to open to begin shopping. Instead, 59% of mobile shopping searches happen before the stores even open, and continue long after they close (source: Google Data).
Foot traffic on Black Friday peaks in the afternoon, typically between noon and 4 pm. Meanwhile, mobile traffic remains steady throughout the day and peaks in the evening around 8 pm.

How Does FreightCenter Fit Into Your Holiday Shipping Plan?

If you’re in the business of shipping packages directly to consumers and shipping freight to warehouses, you can save both time and money by consolidating your shipping activity through one provider. Our customers save an average of $2 per shipment—and we offer expedited shipping discounts too! It’s an incentive most small online businesses can’t offer because they don’t have a way to include it in the cost of their product. By consolidating all your shipping using FreightCenter’s parcel services, we can make it easier for e-tailers to offer free shipping and have a leg up on the competition.

Need to get your reverse logistics in check for Black Friday? Call us today at 800.716.7608.


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