Freightcenter’s Culture and Community

June 2, 2016 by FreightCenter Team
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The importance of culture has been a hot topic for quite some time now. The culture defines your company and forms the personality of the organization.

Company culture and community plays a huge part in the corporate world. To receive the best work from your employees, you have to engage them. A company’s culture combines all parts of the business to create an ideal work environment for employees.

Communication is a main issue within a company’s culture and without communication you will have a really hard time creating company culture. If the management in your company is lacking communication that means the whole company is lacking communication. By talking to your employees and letting them know what’s going on in the company, you’re making the team stronger. .

At FreightCenter we pride ourselves on our company culture. There are a couple things we do to take the extra steps to make sure everyone working here feels appreciated and knows what is happening around them. We have created several internal committees who meet bi-weekly to discuss how to make the work place more enjoyable.

For instance the “Culture and Community Committee” focusses on implementing new policies and events. We hear everyone’s idea’s and make them come to light. While the “Wellness Committee” implements and works hard to keep the work place healthy.

We have bi-weekly company meetings to make sure management along with every employee at FreightCenter is aware of what’s happening and is on the same page. We also send out monthly surveys where employees can share ideas and/or concerns while being confident that they will be addressed

Some of the things that have come of these committees and surveys are: a company-wide weight loss initiative, bi-weekly company-wide meetings, for a better means of communication, more team building activities and more philanthropy.

By implementing these things, we know what concerns and/or issues our employees have and we know what we have to work on to keep our company culture successful. Now is the time for your business to take hold of its culture and community. Create a culture that makes your business stand out.

What activities does your company do to engage it’s employees?

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