FreightCenter Takes Radio to Recruit Veterans

February 7, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Down a long hallway was a small room, but not too cramped if you take into account the 5 microphones, Pink poster circa 2001, and essence of eagerness. We take our place on each bar stool cushioned seat and maneuver the microphones until they are propped strategically in front of us to insure optimum clarity and sound. Roxanne Wilder of Beasley Media Group begins to set up her radio board, flipping switches and pushing buttons – for those not in broadcasting, this looks something like an astronaut preparing for takeoff.

Before we know it, the “ON AIR” sign is illuminated with a red glow and we’re rolling. Time to shake off the nerves and bring our A-Game. Roxanne confidently begins the segment with introductions and before you know it, she has us all feeling like long-time friends having a chat. The nerves subside and the conversation begins to flow.

Matthew Brosious, FreightCenter CEO and founder, begins by talking about his past as an Army Ranger and how this experience not only shaped his character but also lead him to the founding of FreightCenter.

And then we started talking about veterans.

Matt mentions that the army played an integral role in character building and that with these new character developments, he was determined to create a business where customers could ship large items over 100 pounds – thus FreightCenter was born.

With us was were fellow FreightCenter employees, Allison Downs, HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist, and Bill Baratta, Manager of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.

Downs is a fellow Army vet and plays an essential role in recruiting army veterans to work for FreightCenter. She talks about her own experience as a vet and mentions how she immediately felt at ease knowing FreightCenter was veteran-owned and operated.

Baratta goes on to inform listeners that FreightCenter is equipped and ready to hire 60 new employees – vets and non-vets of course. Positions range anywhere from account manager to marketing and everything in between. Veterans interested in a fast-paced career in freight can apply here.

Without missing a beat, Brosious comments on how being a vet retroactively prepares you for working in freight and instills a level of discipline you can’t learn anywhere else.

Before we know it, Roxanne begins to wrap up the segment and somehow a 30-minute conversation seems to have flown by in what feels like 3 minutes. You can’t see it but everyone is all smiles as Roxanne personally thanks Brosious and Downs for serving our country during their time in the army.

And just like that, the “ON AIR” sign fades to a dull color once again and that’s a wrap.

To listen to the full segment, click here.

Freightcenter Jobs | Matt Brosious, Allison Downs
Freightcenter Jobs | Matt Brosious, Allison Downs
Freightcenter Jobs | Matt Brosious, Allison Downs

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