Freightcenter Ships Premium Vending Machine

December 14, 2016 by FreightCenter Team
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Vending machines – they’re either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on the day. Some days they eat your last dollar and bear no bag of chips. Other days, they redeem you for the third time this week when you forgot your lunch and must resort to chips and a soda.

Hillshire Snacking vending machines are no ordinary contraption though. They offer chef-curated snacks in unique flavor combinations, all portioned to be enjoyed on the go. With choices ranging from Rustic Harvest to Latin Fiesta, they have an option for all pallets of taste. Hillshire Snacking has positioned itself as a notch above the rest, a premium vending machine option, if you will. They’ve put a convenient twist on the ever-popular “cheese board” concept, as most snacks in the machine include some form of cheese, crackers, nuts, and olives.

Recently, FreightCenter had the opportunity to pair up with Hillshire Snacking and ship one of their vending machines…along with a, err…human? Though it’s not FreightCenter’s first-time shipping a vending machine, it never gets any less exciting shipping something that homes delicious treats. Surely, it’s our first time shipping a human, though.

If you’re looking to ship a vending machine of your own, look no further than to FreightCenter to service your needs. We can’t promise it won’t eat your last dollar though. We said we were good, we didn’t say we were fortune tellers.

Vending Machine Shipping

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