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July 6, 2010 by FreightCenter Team
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November 23, 2010 – FreightCenter, a nationwide provider of online freight and logistics services, is reminding individuals of specific online tools available to help directly display instant freight shipping prices for those heavy, large items or gift ideas as we move closer to the holidays. While options and tools abound for shipping for smaller items, there have not been tools to display rates for shipping larger items via freight. FreightCenter has free and simple shipping calculators available to show the cost of freight shipping and help increase conversions and sales for all online merchants.

As the holiday season approaches, all online retailers are preparing for what is expected to be positive gains in spending and sales. The outlook for spending this holiday season is hopeful, as the National Retail Federation is predicting a sales growth of 2.3% starting on Black Friday through the end of the year. This trend continues more for online shopping, as the number of consumers turning online for their holiday shopping continues to grow every year for retailers.

With this positive trend of online shopping, retailers must work to compete for business by offering special deals, discounts, and free shipping offers aimed to attract customers to shop with them. Since store location is irrelevant to online shoppers, the cost of shipping becomes the major factor in the consumer’s decision to purchase. While there are plenty of options for shipping with package retailers, online shipping pricing and options diminish when shipping larger items via freight carrier. Many sales are lost and shopping carts are abandoned as customers are unsure of final costs and won’t commit to spending an extra undisclosed amount of money in order to have items delivered.

The FreightCenter freight shipping calculator is an online tool developed specifically for determining freight rates. It uses simple copy and paste html coding and can be customized and placed on a site in a few short steps. Popular uses for the shipping calculator include eBay and auction listings for merchants, blogs, online applications, and ecommerce shopping carts – anywhere merchants would like to be able to display freight shipping prices to their customers directly to eliminate losing a sale due to unknown and high shipping costs.

FreightCenter also has an API that allows customers to directly integrate their systems with all their shipping services including rating, booking, and tracking. All these tools aim to automate the freight shipping process for customers, an idea that has not been pursued in the freight industry.

About FreightCenter

FreightCenter is a full-service freight logistics company whose focus is using web-based tools to help execute optimized transportation solutions for their customers. Their website, FreightCenter, provides web technology that lets customers easily compare rates and services from multiple LTL carriers while their logistics division works with an extensive carrier base to custom design truckload, international, and intermodal shipments and implement all-inclusive transportation services.

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