FreightCenter Goes Bananas – 3:20 of Truly “Unique” Video

June 11, 2018 by Meyer Baron
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In preparation for our 20th Birthday celebration, FreightCenter thought it would be a good idea to put out the call for videos about FreightCenter. We’re still not sure how good an idea that was, but we wanted to share with you six videos from all the entries that we thought you would enjoy.
Some are amusing, some are real head-scratchers, but they all have one thing in common: they are each less than one-minute long. So, take the next three minutes and 20 seconds and enjoy a light-hearted video look at FreightCenter, courtesy of videographers from all over the world.

Dance It Like Dead Pool (Rated MA for Language)

It takes a true super hero to sum up the FreightCenter story in 40 seconds of high-energy interpretive dancing.

The Florida Judge Has Voted

Not every video competition has a lemur (no, not a skunk) among its judges, but this one knows a winner when he sees it. He’s not even waiting for all the entries to cast his vote.

FreightCenter Has Talent

We have so many talented people working at FreightCenter, from shipping agents to customer support personnel to our IT department, developers, accounting staff and many more. We rely on our talented staff to make your experience as a FreightCenter customer a happy and successful one.
We also guarantee that with all of the talent at our disposal, none of it looks like this.

Is That Grandpa FreightCenter In That Video?

You’ve probably read the story of how Matthew Brosious and his father, Jim, founded FreightCenter in 1998. But is there a Grandpa FreightCenter they’ve been hiding from us?
Actually, there is not an official Grandpa FreightCenter, as far as anyone knows. But if anyone could pull it off, it’s this fellow. Of course, he might have to upgrade his technology.

International Shipping Gone Wild?

Okay, we have no idea what’s going on here, but we are grateful to these two gentlemen for expressing their birthday wishes to FreightCenter with such passion.

And That’s All, Follks

We hope you enjoyed the sillier side of FreightCenter here. Thanks to everyone who sent us a video. We wish we could have used them all, but we do have standards. Not very high standards, but standards none-the-less.
Before you go, we want to leave you with our HBO-esque signoff video. Thanks for watching.

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