Freight Shipping Season Begins

March 31, 2016 by FreightCenter Team
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January to March is notoriously slow for the transportation industry. But, as soon as the snow starts melting things start to kick back into gear.

While FreightCenter is headquartered in sunny Florida where we don’t have to worry about such things as snow…or winter, we do provide freight shipping services to customers nationwide.

That means we welcome the arrival of spring with open arms as it marks the beginning of the freight shipping season!

Spring is the time of year where construction companies start building again after a long winter; produce harvest is at its peak; demand for outdoor sporting goods rises, and so on.

Manufacturers, farmers and retailers need to get their goods where they need to go—and fast. Trucking companiescommon carriers, and transportation brokers are busy making that happen. They are taking on as many loads and shipments as possible to make up for the slow winter. Their flexibility and availability decrease as the season progresses and the market tightens up. Finding trucks becomes increasingly more difficult.

Working with a 3rd party logistics provider (3PL) will help you beat the spring rush, ensure that there’s always a truck when you need it, and prepare you for an even busier freight shipping season—late summer to early fall.

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