5 Common Freight Shipping Mistakes

October 26, 2016 by FreightCenter Team
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When most people seek freight shipping, they are often unfamiliar to the industry and looking for a one-time solution for their freight shipping needs. This creates a level of miscommunication as the logistics industry is rather complex and without prior knowledge, it can be easy to encounter setbacks while trying to ship your freight. We’ve outlined five of the most common mistakes shippers make, to help prevent you from making the same ones.

Not Comparing Carriers

To find the most suitable carrier for your freight shipping needs, you must first determine what exactly your needs are. Do you need it at your destination by a certain time? Would you prefer if as few hands touched your freight as possible?  Do you want a carrier that specializes in shipping your freight type? These questions are factors that will help you determine which carrier is right for you. Each carrier has their own expertise and niche and it’s important to book with the one that best suits your needs.

Opting Out of Insurance

Expect the unexpected. From theft to natural disaster, you simply never know what type of conditions your freight may be subject to during its shipment. If a freight truck gets into an accident at the expense of the other driver, your freight still may not be fully covered by the driver’s insurance. This is because most driver’s insurance is not designed to cover thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars worth of damage. Insurance is not something you want to cut corners on.

Not Preparing Cargo Properly

As mentioned above, you never know the type of conditions your freight may come across during its shipment. It is not enough to throw a blanket over your freight and hope for the best. Freight must be secured and prepared for all circumstances. If you fail to properly protect your shipment and you purchased insurance, the lack of proper protection may invalidate your insurance. Check out one of our previous posts about how to create a DIY crate for maximum preservation during transit.

Estimating Dimensions

This is a sure way for the freight company to unintentionally miscalculate the estimate they gave you, and in turn you may be subjected to additional shipping charges. When you are giving dimensions to the company, you must ensure that your measurements are near exact. Also, be sure to include the packaging materials in your assessment, as every little inch within a truckload is valued.

Assuming a Delivery Time as a Guarantee

Delivery schedules are subject to change due to a variety of factors. If you need your freight to be delivered by a certain time, there are available solutions for you to ensure your needs are met. However, unless a shipment states a delivery time as a guarantee, you cannot assume it will be delivered on that exact date. Our freight agents understand that our customers value speed and price, and we always do our best to help schedule pick and delivery times. Customers can also track freight shipments any time of day.

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