Customer Spotlight: Visone Auto Mart Used RV Parts

August 16, 2018 by Meyer Baron
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The nation’s largest RV salvage yard, Visone Auto Mart, has counted on FreightCenter for shipping used RV parts from their home in eastern Kentucky, south of Lexington, since 2011.
Visone RV Parts
A 32-year-old business that also sells RVs, campers, motorhomes, work trucks and firetrucks, Visone has built a 5-star reputation for locating, testing and quickly shipping a multitude of customer solutions. To make sure they have what customers will need, they maintain a salvage yard with 800 vehicles that have been brought there from all over the country.

The 800 vehicles in their yard have two things in common:

  1. They’ve been in accidents.
  2. All have engines, body parts, awnings, transmissions and/or many other hard-to-find parts that are still in excellent working order.

Changing Providers for Shipping Used RV Parts

When we spoke with Visone’s Terry Reece, we wanted to know why the company had felt the need to change their provider for shipping used RV parts in 2011. Was there a particular problem with his former freight broker that caused them to look elsewhere? His answer brought to light two of the biggest advantages of working with FreightCenter.

“Whenever we called our old freight broker for a used RV parts shipping quote, they’d tell us they would call us back right away, but they rarely did. Sometimes they wouldn’t call back at all. When I did get a return quote with a call, the customer had frequently found what they needed elsewhere, and Visone had lost their business. And when I did get the business and we shipped through our old broker, we had to write the BOL ourselves. That was a tremendous waste of our time, and we weren’t always sure that we were doing it right.

“So, after getting a referral from a friend who had used FreightCenter several times, we decided to give them a try. The difference was like night and day.

The Business Value of a Quick Quote

“Working with FreightCenter is much more efficient. When a customer calls me about an RV part, I can put them on hold and call Scott Black, my agent at FreightCenter, to get an immediate quote. I then go back to my customer and give them a total price that includes shipping. I can’t tell you how many opportunities we save by not having to let the customer off the phone. And FreightCenter generates all the paperwork, including the BOL, and emails it to us.”

Providing real-time quotes for shipping used RV parts  in this manner, FreightCenter has now handled nearly 2,000 shipments for Visone.

Using 3 Methods to Get a Quote

Visone uses three different ways to generate a quote from FreightCenter, depending on who on their team is making the sale. Terry prefers to call Scott Black directly, and that works well for him. Others begin the process by using the online instant freight quote tool or sending an email. No matter which communications route they choose, FreightCenter’s fast response keeps their business humming.

According to Terry, “The most important thing that FreightCenter does is talk to us. At one point we gave the UPS Worldship software a try, but it wasn’t long before we went back to FreightCenter. Software alone isn’t enough. Nothing is as good as great customer service.”

Thanks, Terry, we totally agree that nothing replaces great customer service. We look forward to providing Visone with great customer service for the next seven years and beyond.

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