Customer Spotlight: Screen Technology Group

July 23, 2018 by Meyer Baron
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Screen Technology Group, Inc. has been a leader in the woven wire cloth industry since its founding in 1988. Beginning in 2010, STG has relied exclusively on FreightCenter to handle its shipping needs. In the highly competitive freight industry, eight years is a long time, and we are grateful for STG’s business.

Recently, after STG’s owner, Allen Dorn, posted a glowing review about FreightCenter on Yelp, we contacted him to discuss STG’s relationship with FreightCenter and return the favor by putting STG in our customer spotlight.

As it says on the company website, “Woven wire cloth is utilized in thousands of automotive, electronic, manufacturing, process screening, residential and security applications.” There are hundreds of products available in a full array of sizes and specifications. If you’re in need of virtually any kind of woven wire cloth, you’ll find it at

Here are some of their most popular types of products.

  • Bolting Cloth
  • Micronic Filter Cloth
  • Aluminum Wire Mesh
  • Copper Wire Mesh
  • Copper Strainer Cloth
  • Brass Wire Mesh
  • Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Security Screens
  • Insect Screens
  • Laboratory Grade Wire Mesh
  • Mill Grade Wire Mesh
  • Market Grade Wire Mesh

Like many of our B2B customers, STG offers its products online and ships them directly to their customers. Using FreightCenter makes their shipping affordable and dependable.

Eliminating Extra Steps

When Screen Technology Group gives their customer a quote, they include the cost of freight in the order. Their customers have the option of searching for a less expensive or more convenient freight shipping option, but they never do. Why?

By not tacking on an additional charge for shipping, STG keeps shipping simple and removes the need for their customers to hunt around for a better shipping option. They simply pass on the low-price shipping charge they are quoted from FreightCenter to their customers. STG gets the order and their customers save on freight costs and the time waste of comparing rates. Everyone wins.

Allen’s Review

Here’s the review Allen wrote about working with us.

“Screen Technology Group, Inc has booked all of our shipments through Freight Center for several years. The shipping costs are provided as an option on our Price and Delivery quotations as an added service to our clients, who are always encouraged to compare the cost of delivery offered on our quotes with any other LTL service providers they may choose from.

“STG is well known for our technical expertise and competitive pricing throughout the wire cloth industry. We rely on Freight Center to provide competitive freight prices along with a broad selection of transportation services to choose from. The vast majority of our customers prefer to have us handle the delivery services to eliminate the need to shop for the rate and process the paperwork.

“Mr. Shane Smitley (extension 1093), our primary contact at Freight Center is always fast to respond to our concerns. On the few occasions when his extension is busy, he calls me back before I have time to leave a message for him. I rely on Shane due to his knowledge, dedication to getting the task done quickly and professionally and he is a therefor a joy to speak with. When he speaks he is straightforward, and always truthful.

“In closing I would like to address the unfavorable reviews regarding Freight Center. They are a freight brokerage firm, one that provides a large selection of carriers and prices. The customer makes the important decision on what carrier to choose which is probably often based on the lowest price. When a carrier is chosen it would be wise to exercise due diligence.

“Allen Dorn, Screen Technology Group, Inc.”

Thanks, Allen! FreightCenter appreciates you taking the time to write and post this review. Of course, we also appreciate your business since 2010 and still going strong.

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