Customer Spotlight: Integrity Electric

June 11, 2019 by Constantinos Garoufalidis
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Integrity Electric is a national seller of electrical & industrial equipment based out of Indianapolis, IN. Founded in 2011, Integrity removes electrical equipment from commercial buildings and then cleans, repairs and sells it. Removing and repurposing the equipment helps avoid tossing it in a landfill.  It’s a win-win for everyone. As a result of their green practices, they’ve achieved accelerated growth and reduced the amount of materials in our landfills. We are excited that they are a FreightCenter customer and to partner with such an environmentally conscious company.

Relationship based shipping partner

As a FreightCenter customer for the past 5 years, what has drawn Integrity Electric has been the relationships fostered with our sales agents. Justin Harris with Integrity Electric said when working with FreightCenter, “It’s not just business to business, but friend to friend.” He further stated, “What stands out about working with FreightCenter is that you’re not just dealing with any person, but the right person. You aren’t jumping through automated robocall loops and they don’t treat you like a number.”

Cost effective solutions with a personal touch

FreightCenter helps Integrity meet their goals of getting their freight out fast, on-time and with the right carrier all while saving money. However, it’s the personal touch that a 3PL partner provides which makes the true difference. It’s getting customized shipping solutions from a real person who knows and understands their business and their logistical demands.

Thank you for relying on FreightCenter as a trusted partner. We are proud to be your 3PL partner of choice!

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