Business Development Specialists: More Than Just a Freight Provider

July 27, 2016 by FreightCenter Team
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Kevin owns an automated brewing systems manufacturing company and has been a long time customer of ours. He even credits our shipping solutions for his business’s growth. But let’s pretend Kevin is using FreightCenter’s services for the first time.

Kevin calls FreightCenter to request an LTL freight quote to send one of his 290 gallon tanks from his warehouse in New York to a customer in Texas. He speaks to a freight expert who ensures that the weight, dimensions, locations and freight class are correct so that he can provide a correct quote. That freight expert is Business Development Specialist (BDS,) Allen Green.

As a BDS, Allen is not just an LTL freight quote provider, though. He and the teammates he leads are also the face (or voice) of FreightCenter, a 3rd party logistics company.

“We are the new customer’s first experience with FreightCenter. Our focus is on bringing a level of consistency and energy to the customer experience so that we can give them the individual attention they need”, says Allen.

To determine a customer’s needs, the BDS completes a qualification process by asking questions regarding shipping frequency, freight services, the variety of products being shipped, the industry the customer’s company resides in, and anything else that might help FreightCenter simplify the company’s logistics. A BDS is responsible for uncovering these needs so the customer can be assigned to the National Account Manager who will answer those needs the best.

Allen believes that in order to best serve their customers, a BDS must be nimble, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

“I choose the word nimble because freight shipping is a tricky business. A small change in information the customer provides may mean big changes in the LTL freight quote. As a 3rd party logistics provider, we have to pick the right carrier, the right level of service the customer needs, and be able to quickly adapt so that not only are we giving the customer the best service at the right price, but we are also able to handle customer objections with ease,” explains Allen.

We have hundreds of business owners like Kevin calling in everyday for LTL freight quotes. Thanks to our Business Development Team, we can go one step further than just providing them with their quote: we can help their business grow by streamlining their logistics.

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