What shipping your way to success looks like for Brewmation

October 10, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Among the thousands of customers that FreightCenter services, there is always a hand full of customers that stand out for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the commodity they ship that sets them apart, or the frequency with which they ship, some customers just stand out. Brewmation, Inc. happens to be one of those customers for us.

Who Is Brewmation?

Since 2012, Brewmation has been a loyal customer of FreightCenter’s, trusting in us to find the proper freight solutions for all their shipping needs. Over the years, Brewmation has found extreme success in building and supplying components for brew houses and complete turnkey systems. Recently, they even outgrew their old facility and had to expand to accommodate the increasing order demand.

Brewmation has shipped a total of 800 (and counting) times – a process so familiar, they could probably fill out a quote form in their sleep. Of course, at their frequency of shipping, they don’t fuss with quote forms anymore. They simply call into FreightCenter to speak with a member of the Platinum Team who knows just what carrier, driver, and pick-up times they favor. It’s become about more than just freight shipping, it’s become a bond of familiarity and ease.

How Do You Ship Brewing Equipment?

A typical shipment from Brewmation depends on their customer’s needs. Customers have the option of hand selecting only certain products or choosing to go with a complete turnkey system that comes with everything included. When we say that these pieces of equipment are huge, we mean it. However, there’s nothing to be intimidated of, and thanks to the high frequency that Brewmation ships, they can even lock in amazing discounted rates. It practically pays to ship with us!

Do Logistics Contribute to A Company’s Success?

Glad you asked! Logistics and supply chain management is often an overlooked but highly opportune area for improvement in many businesses. By taking advantage of how often you ship, and using that edge to gain access to discounted shipping rates, you can increase your profit margin by spending less overall on shipping costs.

Not to mention the advantage of building a relationship and working with Freight Agent that truly has your best interest in mind. They’re going to be the ones that learn your business needs like the back of their hand and can interject to make recommendations or suggestions that you otherwise wouldn’t have even thought of. Think of your Freight Agent as a tool for your freight needs – and be sure to utilize their knowledge and expertise whenever you’re unsure of something!

With clients across the United States, Canada, and even parts of South America, it’s safe to say Brewmation has made quite the name for themselves. Who knows, they might have even supplied the brewing equipment for your favorite local brewery.

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