Arkansas’s Family Friendly Motorcycle Rally

April 25, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Bikes, Blues & BBQ

Bikes, Blues & BBQ, alternatively abbreviated as BBB, is a motorcycle rally that has taken place annually in Fayetteville, Arkansas since 2000. Typically, the rally is held during the last weekend in September and this year’s rally will be held from September 20-23. Because BBB is an open rally, it’s exact size is not officially known. The organizers of the rally call it “the fastest growing and largest motorcycle rally in the country benefiting local charities.” The number of participants has grown substantially from 200,000 participants in 2004, to 400,000 participants in more recent years.

For A Good Cause

Bikes, Blues & BBQ is a family friendly event that supports several local charities. The event is billed as the “Largest US Charity Rally”, as funds raised help to support and sustain a few local charities. In 2006 and 2007, the event raised $100,000 and in 2016, BBB contributed the most money to date at $230,000 generated from an estimation of 350,000 participants, which is about 65 cents per attendee. Since its beginning in 2000, Bikes, Blues & BBQ has generated over $1.5 million for local non-profits including Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Northwest Arkansas Center for Sexual Abuse, and Peace at Home Shelter. The director of Bikes Blues & BBQ was quoted as saying “This is what it’s all about.” The rally hopes to top last year’s donation amount for this year’s rally.

Paradoxically, many local business owners report steep declines in revenue during the event. Likewise, the rally has had mixed support from the community over the years due to complaints of noise and congestion. However, despite BBB’s negative impact, no action has been taken against the rally. The City of Fayetteville has not tracked sales-tax revenue but estimates that the rally brings in approximately $80,000. Overall, the festival has a good safety record with no reported fatalities.

The Heart of the Rally

The center of the rally is on Dickson Street, the downtown bar street just a few blocks from the University of Arkansas campus and location of the Walton Arts Center.

In addition to the rally itself, there is a variety of entertainment options for those attending Bikes Blues & BBQ. Rally goers will find there are bands, a bike show, a bike giveaway, barbecues (of course), the Bikes Blues & BBQ Babes contest and countless other official and unofficial events. Straight from the mouth of the event organizers, they have claimed the rally as second only to Sturgis.

Arrive Refreshed By Traveling Smart

If the rally is free, why not take the money you’re saving to ensure that both you and your bike make it to the rally in great shape? That’s where FreightCenter can come in handy. Fayetteville, Arkansas may be hundreds of miles away from you and would require over-night stay while embarking on your journey to this southern state. Once you factor in the cost of gas and hotel stays, you really haven’t saved any more money than you would’ve by just flying to Fayettville and having your bike shipped there. Plus, now you’re tired from your trek across the country. Your back might ache, but don’t say we didn’t tell you so! It’s better to arrive at the event feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the fun than it is to arrive with an achy back and exhausted from having to ride all day. For an event this short, there is no time to waste! Ship your bike to Bikes, Blues & BBQ!

By working with vetted motorcycle carriers, you can trust that your bike is well cared for on its journey to BBB. Depending on your location in the U.S., FreightCenter can offer flat-rate, round trip prices to get your bike to Fayetteville. Start by getting your free, instant freight quote or, if you prefer to speak to a freight agent, give us a call at 800.716.7608. We know how precious your bike is to you, that’s why we only work with the best of the best, to ensure you receive the quality of service you deserve as our customer.

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