At FreightCenter, Veteran-Owned Means Veteran-Caring

May 8, 2018 by Mikayla Avila Vila
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Before our founder and CEO, Matthew Brosious decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship, he served his country for 3 years as an Airborne Ranger at Aco 2nd Ranger Battalion. His military training laid the foundation for how FreightCenter would operate, and so, as a veteran-owned and operated company, Brosious created a work environment at FreightCenter where veterans can feel nurtured and thrive.

Third Party Logistics a Good Place for Vets

After their tenure in the military, servicemen and women can sometimes be lost in translation. Acclimation to civilian life is not as easy for military personnel fresh out of their service, and the private sector struggles to accommodate them. Veterans face difficulties orienting their experiences into the civilian workplace, but they have internalized an invaluable set of skills that would be an asset anywhere on the supply chain—on the floor, and to their peers. We can learn a lot from the work ethic of our military personnel.

While the supply chain may not appear to be the obvious choice for a veteran after their service, there is a lot of overlap in the skills we value. They are used to working one-on-one as well as assuming leadership roles. Being a part of a third-party logistics firm is to be involved in a fast-paced job, one that values action, deadlines, and results—qualities veterans uphold, even outside of their service. Veterans are used to working in a unit, and utilizing problem-solving skills that will help them even with the trickiest customers and carriers.

Brosious asserts that being a vet actually prepares you to work in freight since it brings discipline and a hard work ethic to the floor.

Perhaps this is why FreightCenter is such a natural work home for veterans. Allison Downs, a FreightCenter HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist, is an Army vet herself, and actively works to extend hiring opportunities to military veterans. From the moment she joined FreightCenter, knowing the company’s history with service men and women brought a sense of security and comfort to Downs.

And the attention to veterans extends to providing shipping services for the military.

The Ins and Outs of Military Shipping

Military shipping falls beneath the umbrella of specialized services.

All shipping requires care, precision, and security, but imagine that ratcheted up to 100—the regular channels just don’t work for military shipments. Instead of, say, the General Services Administration (or GSA) coming to us (a third party logistics firm) as our usual customers do, we seek them out to see what services we can tender. GSA gives transportation firms a Freight Request For Offers, and through that, we can submit our rate after proper vetting. Once approved by the Freight Management Branch (and subsequently accepted), we are then allowed to compete, or bid, for shipments.

Third party logistics groups can only use authorized carriers as well, since your typical military or government shipment can’t be set on your normal LTL truck. It needs its own trailer, or to be shipped with like items to the same place.

Mostly, 3PLs work at the behest of the agency, and with budgets carefully monitored, more agencies are turning to work with smaller logistics groups for more personalized assistance.

Booking military freight is a demanding and challenging task, but Matt Brosious (and FreightCenter) has never been one to walk away from a challenge.

Salute Your Vets

May is Military Appreciation Month, a time when we want to be sure to thank the veterans in our lives for their sacrifices and courage, and especially for their continued contributions. And if you have the opportunity to hire a vet, do it. We can’t imagine where FreightCenter would be without ours.

If you’re curious about military shipping or want to find out more about shipping freight in general, call us at 800.716.7608, or contact one of our expert freight agents online. Consider joining our FreightCenter family!

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